Update 1.13.1 Patch Notes

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Update 1.13.1

Welcome to the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode 1.13.1 Update! This release includes bug fixes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that prevented Invasion Supply Crates from being delivered on servers 21 and 22.
  • Made an adjustment to the Guild Aid Guild Perks. They generate over time, with the ability to request aid spread evenly over 20 hours.
  • Fixed a bug where Gonzo’s skill, “Hard Nocks” was reducing too much damage at lower levels.

This will be an unforced update that we are planning to release today. We will be scheduling a server restart to sync some of the data.


Yay! Bug Fixes!

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That’s good to hear

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Can you explain about the guild aid?

This was mentioned by Polaris and the team in the 1.13 known issues, just wondering if this will be fixed as well, leveling up past 135 caused some weird errors for my heroes today with the XP bar not leveling up. Closing out and restarting did distribute the correct amount of XP though.

Sorry for the choppy gif, had to reduce file size to post. Hope it gets the point through.


Bug fixes!!

grabs bug spray

I came prepared!!

Scar in the background

Be prepared!!!

Hey! Go away you snooty lion!


For Guild Aid, if the guild doesn’t have the perk, the player can request help once per 20 hours. If the guild has the perk, the 20 hours is divided by the number of requests available. So with 2 requests, they generate every 10 hours. Players with the perk don’t get 3 requests all at the same time.

This update was a quick fix for some of the 1.13 bugs that appeared after the update. The XP Drink issue will be fixed in 1.13.2.


Thank you for the direct and expedient reply polary :slight_smile:

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XP drink? What’s wrong with them?

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Sry about this but i was hoping for characters.:sweat:

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we just got 3 new characters last week, and now rather than fixing some important bugs, you’d rather they had worked on even more characters instead?!

Good to see that Gonzo has been fixed, hopefully it will stop him being so immortal in Invasion :sweat_smile:

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There seems to be something wrong with invasion again. Single barb wiped my red 1 team out. Which is silly. And bots taking no damage off damage heroes.


Parfait la mise à jour

Why does it have to be during the free stamina?

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Figures I was 100 points from lvl 130 for the bonus… Lame

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Appreciate always bug fixes! But…couldn’t of slid this little gem in there for me?? Not whining, just wanted to make sure someone cared is all @Polaris

Master Collector Quest issue

When will city watch be fixed its been broken for awhile now

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