Update 1.16 Patch Notes

Sooo Tron is only available on servers 1&2? When will he be available to the rest of the servers?

Tron looks different. Is he from the first movie?

On a different note:

How do challenger seasons impact the line selections for City Watch?
Do they pull from P1 and down now?
Do they look into D1 through D7?

Yes, he is

Yay! Hank and Dory and…Tron… i need to watch that movie! :grin:

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Is nobody gonna talk about Red Six? It looks to me like it is coming really soon after seeing this picture!image


I didn’t notice that… well shoot


Still waiting for the CW refresh and the friendship between Gerald and Hank!

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It is weird thought that it would be Red Six with no level increase!:thinking:

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It’s actually not weird at all though. This update seems to fix a lot of things we have been talking about. It seems they might actually be listening to us now and we all know how much we have talked and complained with Level Increases but I wouldn’t be mad at all if we have another Red Rank with no level increase. It should have been that way from the start. Have a max level for that color and release color ranks with every update. Would have been better than level cap increases so often. That’s my opinion anyways.

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But with more Red Ranks comes more badges which mean they will cost way more stamina than the previous badges!


I’d much rather have level cap increases than promotion increases. Actually disappointed that we aren’t having a lvl cap increase with this update. :confused:

  • Fixed a bug where Beast’s “Rage of the Beast” could be interrupted

Do you mean “couldn’t be interrupted” ? Because the beast sometimes wipes my heros because he wont stop using the rage and so he becomes invincible even if I’m a lot of lvls higher…

And thanks theres no cap lvl increase… Leveling takes very long time and buying skill lvls has become quite expensive…


He doesn’t become invincible, he just can’t fall below 1 HP

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As predicted,tron,hank and dory.:relieved:

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Cough cough. About this…? @Polaris


@Filadae_Djaq Yes but it is obvious that it is like an “Invincibility” Since it does not die just like normal invincibility (and adding the fact that the beast regenerates life by making criticism and increasing attack and movement speed)


That is a feature that heroes can use? Cool

Real talk though, “invincibility” still doesn’t describe his status, because enemies can still deal damage to him, which is what invincibility prevents: all damage

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Players with disabled heros will need to watch out for jack jack this red skill can make him danderous in battles

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This is so much progress. Thank you PerBlue. Thank you @Polaris. Looking forward to the next update. Super excited, keep up the hard work. I love this game!

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