Update 1.4.1 Patch Notes


This is a bug fixing update that addresses the following issues:

  • Resized Miguel: he is no longer a giant among heroes
  • Maleficent’s dragon, on the other hand, is now larger
  • Fixed an issue where Dash’s improved base HP was not working
  • Fixed the “reality lowered” combat status icon
    • The icon had an arrow pointing up instead of down
  • Fixed issue where raiding the City Watch doesn’t count toward the daily quest
    • Raiding now also removes the red notification from the City Watch icon
  • “Red “!” alerts on heroes who can be promoted now disappear after you view the Badges tab for that hero once after they have equipped a full badge set”
    • This improvement from 1.4 Patch Notes wasn’t working if your VIP Level was high enough to unlock Auto Promote
    • This has been fixed
  • Fixed an issue where a tutorial tooltip can sometimes block the screen in Heist
  • Fixed issue where “Mission Level Up” windows were displaying during Collect All Missions for missions that were already at max level
  • Fixed an infrequent crash due to art assets in Challenges
  • Improved localization of descriptions for several Challenges

This is not a forced update, so please be sure to update your game client to 1.4.1 to see all of these fixes.

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Thanks for bug fixing. And why the forum is not work properly?

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Hola. Como sugerencia podrian pones en cada stage un poder aproximado para poder atacar y hacer de una las 3 estrellas ya que es dificil saber el daño de los mostruos.


Im glad that I got Genie and Maleficent yesterday, in free diamond crates :slight_smile:


That’s great the collect all missions works properly and City Watch now counts towards daily quest. Now if our Guild Wall posts would quit disappearing that’d be amazing (3x’s this week…proof…gone!) BTW, you guys are amazing. Thanks for all you do in improving our gaming experience!

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Great patch! Thanks @Polaris


City watch still doesn’t count for me in daily quests, just tried it! Please fix this ASAP! It is a very annoying bug!


Dude, wait till the server actually resets today at noon

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The city watch bugs are not gone after the server update. Why?


@Polaris Thanks for the awesome fixes. Looking forward to PerBlue’s resolution regarding AFK or non-cooperative players in Heists. I bet it’s a tough fix, I would recommend the Heist Creator’s ability to kick those players from the Heist at the player’s cost of raid tickets. Just a suggestion though, would really love to hear PerBlue’s ideas.


You will need to update your client also to see all the bug fixes. This is not a forced client update, so you’ll need to install it manually, or wait for your device to auto update the game.

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Hello , Collect All Missions Works Properly …
Las misiones de recollection funcionan correctamente
Much as gracias


@Polaris I update the game from play store, but the city watch bugs are not fixed.

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Dude, noon CT was over 20 mins ago, lol!

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Oh it’s fixed. I need to raid the city watch again.


I just updated and tried it. It worked for me


Still no alternate access to Friend Finder?


@Polaris Are we getting the tokens and points credited back for the City Watch raids we did and didn’t count?


Could you please stop Removing all Guild Wall Pins and Messages? :roll_eyes:


Same thing happened to my wall…: (

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