Update 1.6.4/1.6.6 Patch Notes


I can confirm those friendships. I’ve seen them by data mining the game files. I didn’t see what levels they were, but they’re in the game.


Ok then.

(20 thanks & characters)


i swear ive open over 30 chests and received heroes that i already have and ive been waiting forever for particular toons and keep getting let down… mean while members from my group just open one and baam they brand new toons… the baggage up grade is great but it should only allow you to get a particular toon… i got rex 3 times… really i dont even like him that much… please help…


I’m pretty sure that every country on Earth is December 27th. So, where is the update?


Pretty sure it’s not 27th everywhere yet and for part of Earth it’s still middle of night.


Since PB is in USA, we need to wait for their 27th December and for normal working hours.
8-10 more hours.


Well, if we’re going by PST, where I’m located, the last patches came in at around 9AM-12PM. I surely don’t see the update coming later than 12PM.


PerBlue seem to be located in CT, so still at least some hours to.

I am not sure when PerBlue start at work, but if we assume at the earliest 8-10AM, that would mean 3-5PM CET.

More likely a little later and probably around the normal update time :-).
Looking forward to the update and will be really cool to finally get the new characters and content ^^.


I don’t know if most players live base inside on this game only, but there is a whole world outside that can distract you and entertain until the update doesn’t arrive.


That’s a very good point!


So excited for this! Freeze team on the way to end Quorra!


Now everyone, please calm your panties and stop expecting updates at 0100 27th


Except Quorra has very high tenacity, which helps to shrug off freeze and other disables!


Until I introduce her to Ursula :joy:


Or you could just be in a guild where your officers are coordinated lol


As someone already said they seem to operate on CST so the update is still likely 2-3 hours away


As far as I know, they always make an update after 8-9 hours of evening…


Update is in apple store now. Waiting for the server notice


Update has arrived! Happy gaming y’all!


Server update scheduled for 11:15 AM CT!