Update 1.6.4/1.6.6 Patch Notes


I agree with the other person from S3 but right now we have the top 2 guilds poaching and destroying (by poaching) any guild in the top 12 in their contest to one up each other. They’re over 10 million total power from the 3rd place guild. They may call it recruitment, but when your guild collapses because of it, it’s posching.

Why have they resorted to these tactics is clear. They are bleeding players from attrition too quickly from all the updates that push too fast. The imbalance of the heroes that make arena a nightmare. A team more than 20k less power can beat a higher power, disks and all team. Why don’t they fix issues in the game, adding new badges, new badge levels, new heroes is just compounding the problem.

Then there is all the buy, buy, buy! Offers that are constantly being thrown at the player base. For Christmas? What did we get? Spend your money and diamonds. No double/triple drops, gold, experience, etc. it was all about making money and nothing for the players. Thanksgiving was better than this last few days.

I’ve played many games like this over the years and these games are still going strong. Not one has been destroying their player base like this one is presently doing. I think, they need to slow down. Scrap Mods for at least a half year and cap things at level 100 for awhile. The people who pay, will still have fun in other ways.


Agree. Events, bonuses, and deals? All that I see is DEALS!!


Not much deals either… 1 good deal, 1 hour when we were a sleep… 100 stamina for like €10


So long as they don’t stop adding more heroes I’m fine either way


Unless they fix arena which they won’t or compensate for the bugs like war bug where people attack win and it doesn’t count or in general make it more easier instead of pay to win it will fall apart no one can sustain this game unless u give up 400 dollars a month to make it playable and sustainable which isn’t fun I love this game more then anything else I play and even then I have to break my neck in arena to get to p1 or break myself into debt to keep playing and have fun but perblue won’t fix it anytime soon until people leave in drones


You won’t see any new friendships for new heroes if they wasn’t release, wait for update then comeback to s1.


I just want to ask, r those friendships real, or u just predicted them?


These are new friendships available from update 1.6.4


So, how did u know these friendships r confirmed?


Please, release server 17 with this update :slight_smile:


Server 17 is months away from getting the newest version.


I told him so :wink:


With no proof of those friendships yet


right… but dont like the idea of having to pay either… im older and this game isnt as important as life needs … i shouldn’t have to buy into the game… therefore it takes forever…


I know this might not help you get necessarily better in the game, but I think the healthiest way to play Disney Heroes is to focus on unlocking friendships and seeing the stories and having at least 5 pretty maxed characters at least for Arena reasons :-).

I don’t pay real money as I focus my game related money on console and handheld games like Switch and Playstation games, so I don’t pay for microtransactions and even so I do relatively well or at least okey enough.

But yeah, I say play Disney Heroes if you want to play through the stories :-). Best of luck to you no matter what you choose to do ^^.


It’s only in server one rn and I dont think they’re just going to decide to do it now because you said so if it’s not already planned


This is the longest wait for an update lol, but tomorrow’s the date


At least no one can whine and say they didn’t know it was coming lol. A week to save up diamonds and stamina


Please, i need new server


They didnt say that was coming and 16 was just recently released.