Update 1.6.4/1.6.6 Patch Notes


I like it, most everything sounds great!

Except… a lot of the time the most powerful players in a guild will not be officers. Seems like it will only make things even more frustrating if we are having to promote and demote people so they can use the attack. Either that, or we are forced to have certain players as officers purely based on power, if we want to do well. There must have been a better solution than this?!


Oh my gosh ty so much for heist updates!


This sounds like a purely personal problem. I haven’t seen a guild where the strongest players aren’t AT LEAST officers. Plus extra attacks to my knowledge cap at 4 so if your top 4 are only members or Veteran than that is a fault on your guild and or the leadership.


There are 9 extra attacks available, so that’s almost 20% of the guild that needs to be an officer or higher.


This is a terrible change. Please stop removing the very, very few points of skill/coordination in this game


If you join a heist and someone kicked you for no reason would you lose ur ticket ?


Does the person have to be afk to be kicked?


Are we going to get some crates for orange and purple bits or badges?


When is the update Wednesday? Polaris tell us in the patch notes why don’t you!


Maybe a Veterans should be allowed use extra attacks as well? Members/recruits have no option to use extra attacks


There is no such rank as recruits, so they have it with one promotion (veteran) that can’t use it and two that can. Presumably anyone promoted to Officer should be responsible for some guild activities so it’s not a bad split. Also, that’s also how they split the chat for Guild Officers so it makes sense there would be conversation/strategy discussions there as well.


This doesn’t detract from the skill and coordination. What it detracts from is having guildmates with not enough power wasting an extra attack. While I haven’t experienced it in my guild I have seen posts on here to that effect and gladly welcome the change. People have been pining for a way to assign extra attacks and now they do. If you could reason out how it detracts from the skill and coordination I’m sure many people, including myself, would love to hear how.


Ideally leaders would be able to set which rank of players can use extra attack or not.

If they are happy with everyone attacking, leave it at member; if they want a small control measure…set to veteran etc.


In my guild on s1 2 of our top powers are not officers, and looking through several top guilds I see other guilds with top players being members or veterans. Doesnt look to be an isolated thing.


I can’t find any problems with this update, so thanks for the Christmas gift you wonderful people


Why do we have another update already? we just had one recently by adding jack and sally, cant we just wait till the new year, like if olaf is gonna be January’s sign in hero the 2 new heroes will come?


Loving this update! Hopefully we can get some gravity falls characters soon?


Ok, too excited. Someone get me a megaphone to spread the news.


Definitely happy about the War fixes & additions. Looking forward to more Quality of Life focuses in the future! In regards to Heist, will the kicked players:

  • have their tickets refunded?
  • be penalized in any way? Cannot rejoin a heist for X minutes, for example?

I’m also curious when we’ll be hearing about the new Update Schedule for the coming year & how long of an extension between updates it’ll be (in comparison to our current 5-6wk interval). @Polaris


Oh, can i at least know how many stars elsa and shank will be