Update 1.6.4/1.6.6 Patch Notes


Seriously, I better see a Elsa & Frozone friendship.


@Polaris is this what PB meant by slowing down with the upgrades??? Really?? You just dropped 2 heroes and one week later 3 more?? What does slowing down mean in your dictionary?


@Polaris is there any information concerning the overall upgrade of the diamond crates to include full orange badges as a drop from the crates themselves or will they still only include full blue and purple badges?

Having full orange badges as a drop from the diamond crates would definitely be a quality of life improvement for the game.


What are you complaining about? This is an awesome update. More characters. Quality of life upgrades. This is great


@Orion very well I concede the notion that not all of a guilds high power players are officers or higher. I do have to question as to why not. Typically high power means that a member has put more time or money into the game and knows a fair bit about the game making them valueable assests in leading a guild.

@Polaris love the update. Couple questions about some of the new additions and future plans.

  1. You list Elsa as a Damage/Control hero but what will she be listed as? I know it doesn’t make a huge difference but a heroes role does matter somewhat for a couple key disks like if they take extra damage with Zurg/Rex disk or if they give extra health to Rex with his Mike disk.
  2. About kicking in heist I presume this is talking about kicking while heist is in play rather than the lobby. I know others have asked but what are the repercussions of being kicked? Does a kicked player lose their ticket or get timed out for a period?
  3. Are there any plans for any more surge difficulties? We haven’t gotten any new difficulties for it since launch. Especially on extra gold surge days 15 waves goes incredibly quick. E.g. my guild of S4 had ours open at 6am Cst and ended before Noon. Maybe 2 more difficulties could be made at 18 and 20 waves respectively.
  4. Short and sweet for this as it’s been asked multiple times, are diamond crates for the upgrades retroactive?
  5. Lastly is there any plan to do a sort of “State of the game” address with the new year coming around?


Awesome! I’m definitely looking forward to the Diamond Crate Upgrade System. Real quick though: I don’t think you mentioned how we get Olaf in here?


He will be the January sign in hero.


Blue badges in diamonds create, this is ridiculous, for that price or diamonds is not worth to get blue badges , what is very often. One say . I open 20 create and got 12 blue badges :(:frowning: They should remove them and instead put more orange one this what we needed. For now get blue one from is very rarely . Before I buy so many diamonds create. But after few disappointing I don’t like buy them so much like early. Just mainly when they are in deal with another thing . And never but Less than 20-25 creats for 10 . All rest I’m really happy to see to coming… and they mention something about be able to sell extra chips which we use to upgrade stars… for some heros Im like +150 ahead. This is bad!!!m


Mean to get orange badges from diamond create is very rarely to happen


Dis is gonna be Gucci (great)


It was retro active on server 9 when they tested it.


Also want to see Hiro have his super suit as one of his costumes.


Why does Olaf look more terrifying than Jack Skellington?


Because people change guilds, just because a new member joins with top 5 power doesn’t make them entitled to officer over a member ranked with 25 power who has been an active member for 6 months.


Well… just because they have power doesnt mean they’d make a good officer. Maybe they dont chat enough, maybe they dont have a third party chat app (line or discord as examples) and … maybe they dont want the responsibility.


Great updates as always @Polaris!!
The quality of life fixes are all great and most welcomed! I can’t imagine what these people would have to complain about them.



3 new toons after we just got Jack and Sally? I like new toons but not this close tigether. Its taking 2+ days to farm one orange 1 badge and we keep having more and more toons and see no changes to badge drop rates. Why we can even get blue badges from a diamond crate is beyond me. Why not just have separate diamond crates for blue badge, purple badge, and ornate badges and have them cost according to the tier?

I’m a top 20 player on s3 and I think I’m done after this update. There is no keeping up and im a whale. I’m not going to keep throwing money the game expecting positive changes. Its no wonder people are steadily quitting with every update that’s happening. If these updates dont slow down this game will be dead next year with choice being merge servers or let them die off.


I also think it’s a bad idea that only officers and above can use the extra attack.
For me, being an officer isn’t determined by pure power level, thus not all top power players can be officers.


Must say, I’m loving the look of this update. Not just the characters but the quality-of-life updates make me very happy. The war and heist tweaks are much needed. As a guild leader, having that much control over who uses our extra attack is much appreciated. Too many low ranking players don’t know how to properly use it.



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