Update 1.6.A Patch Notes


I’m fine with the level cap increase on server 12, but the badge level increase is waaay too soon given the absolutely atrocious drop rates…

How hard is it to say, “we will increase the level cap every month, introduce new heroes every two months, with the exception of a monthly sign in hero, and increase the badge cap every three months, and we might increase hero stars every six months”…

I don’t think many people would be likely to complain about that, because it’d be clear for all to see and we’d at least have a schedule…


What about icon size problem for some android device?


The badge leap is certainly much more challenging than the level increase.

And from server 1 I regrettably inform you orange 2 badges aren’t easy to farm. We really do need a boost in drop rates or stamina regeneration (or at least perks to buy which can improve them).

All it does it make the gap bigger between payers and non payers.


Yup, even in Server 12, where we just got Orange 0, it was apparent that every new badge increase just widens the gap, and with no signs of slowing down it’s just becoming more and more P2W…


Funny thing is that VIP chat is dying as the deep pocket players even get tired of this. I’m sick of losing friends who’ve spent on the game to be part of VIP chat and have had enough. Server three has whole guilds dying and consolidation while the top two guilds try to convince what is left of the spenders to join them.

The point I’m trying to make is even those with deep pockets are leaving the game. PB clearly shows they don’t care.


It is a big deal since you said after december it would be the last update in a while, the level increase for server 2-8 was on december 12th, ig hasn’t been a month and you’re adding 5 more levels…


All of y’all need to take a chill pill. Just because you don’t seem to like what was said doesn’t give you a right to criticize what they are trying to do. We get it, you pay money, you play daily. So what? You don’t know what is going on behind the scenes. Grow up and think about someone other than yourselves.


To be fair, most of the complaints are about how it’s been less than a month since the last increase, and they said they’d slow down, but obviously haven’t… People are just burnt out, and after promising that they’d help solve that, they increase caps yet again, which is the very problem burning people out…


The heist is pretty much the only reason I play this game besides friends in guild/vip. Now my saved heist tickets are approaching 20, I don’t start heists and rarely finish the daily quest for the heist anymore.

No button means you end up joining a public heist. People who used to go afk now start the heists and go afk. Sometimes this leads to 3 others afk and one person who has lost a ticket. So no thank you, why put myself through that stress.

Start a heist quickly and invite. Well this is not the answer either. You invite and hope 3 or four the people you invite actually decide to join, then you become desperate if you are the only one trying to guard gems and trying to invite all the people on your friends list at the same time. Again this is too stressful so why bother?

So, here you guys push a server update instead of pushing for a client update. I think you have it backwards. I’ve already stopped paying what little I paid a month. Will continue to do so until my subscription runs out. At which point I will see who is still around and decide whether or not to quit. Far as I can see, is that this is not a popular choice by the player base.


It’s called feedback, the thing is players are getting burnt out. On server 1, especially since the 6* update there has been an noticeable attrition of top end players disappearing; largely due to the pace of updates.

My friend list has changed drastically since then as I’ve sadly had to remove so many good players who just don’t see the point in playing anymore as the goal posts are shifting so rapidly.

I know the game must expand, but in freemium games I’ve played in the past players are usually begging for more content before it’s thrown at us.

I just believe the game does need to slow down a bit to keep the burn out rate under control, while of course I have no idea if income generating is going up or down - I’m sure that is the main barometer perBlue use on when to release more to us.

From purely a server 1 perspective, I’m very thankful this update has no new content yet; just a hero shuffle.


I wonder when it dropping tonight or tommorow


Looks like the only people they’re trying to please are people that are willing to drop 1000$ on this game weekly. If this continues I’m quitting


If Level 100 and O2 is it for awhile, as in double regular cap raise cycle or longer, that would be great! 100 is a nice round number!


Lol, my favorite part about the patch notes (which this one is a good and reasonable update) is watching people cry about them for no good reason.

grabs popcorn


Dude, if you have spent that much and that high in the game, what are you crying about?

Please don’t say “I don’t have every person fully maxed skill and fully enhanced yet” waaaaaaa

Btw, I’m still having a great time in server 3


Just be thankful for the new characters, updates and features okay?


Anyone quitting I will happily take a new character just message me on here or on heroes brother wolf god please and thank you


There aren’t new characters or features? Lol not that I mind I dont want that yet but idk where you’re seeing that


Hmm and the will be another one of these in 4 weeks. Nice.


Update level cap is required to unlock few new friendship. So faster update will be better. With higher lv can finish lower lv friendship easier too. The only reason u guys dont want lv cap update is because u guys want to catch up those ppl above u.