Update 1.6.A Patch Notes


i m ranked 23 on my server atm, its no fun if there is no challenge miss Candy, i would like to see the possibility of players to catch up their rosters, in and out guild.

Perblue is milking the game im getting the oppinion they try to boost earnings to sell off the game we saw iT b4 on other games.

Most i dislike is that they came back from their word, for the earnings and leaving the bugs unfixed just for the sale Numbers, at least iT Will not be my problem anymore. Ill help the guild off just for transition than im off had iT with this .

I understand im not the only one on my server think perblue Will see an increase from people quitting the game. But as said for the people stayinv behind much fun with the game


“How to do more money?”

A guide by Perblue.
You can get it with a bundle at 48,99€.


Who puts out a huge update right before the whole office takes a 2 week break…


People who want a very good holiday I guess. :wink:


I was hoping that they will fix the new toons’ in-game appearances too. They are too tiny especially Shank. :rofl:


The people who welcome this update are the people who have spent loads and are maxed, remember that when you have noone to fight against because everyone has quit!

PB your word means nothing to people now you’ve lied to us! Shame on you or shame on us for believing you! Would you sooner make a constant stream of money or one big lump then none? My guess is the latter is whats going to happen!


The new O2 Badge “Pay through the teeth” is an appropriate description of PB’s game plan.


Again with all the crying, pretty sure that anyone not quit after the 6* update will have no problem (eventually) with those lv and badge cap raise (not until the 7* announcement at least).


Any chance you could let us know which Heroes will be leaving each shop to make way for the new ones please? I always get so close to adding a new star to a hero and then they are taken away from the shop and then it becomes a lot harder for me to get those last few chips.


I haven’t spent a penny and I’m still loving the game as much as when I started a little before the 1.0 update


From I understand and want to believe is, when perblue state the updates are going to slow down is after all servers catch up with server 1.
Because as you see that server got nothing besides hero shuffle. So after this update servers 2-8 should slow down in the next one alongside with 1. Meanwhile the other servers might continue with regular updates since they are behind.

This is just a thought, I don’t know what they’re thinking so I might be wrong.

Anyway, got to say it’s kind of amuzing to see players beg for no content/updates, this got to be the first game I witness such thing. I understand some people want to enjoy the current cap, such as myself, and have spare time to level other heroes, but perblue hasn’t failed us yet in terms of giving content to work with, which should be a good thing.

Finally the line between spenders and non spenders will never change. What make players believe they could compete with the big spenders from all previous updates until now? The answer is never. So what changed? Nothing. Besides the 6* beeing added, just some extra work, but even with that, a 5* team can defeat a 6* composition. Seems it’s the extra work players don’t desire to have since they feel the pressure to spend, but as long this mentality exists no one will ever be satisfied. I’m not a big spender and I’m enjoying the game, but I guess our goals are different.

Thanks for the update Perblue.


I agree with ou in that. I believe they wanted to reach level 100 and then slow the game down a bit. As the server one had no level cap increase and all the new heroes had their friendships available in the 95-100 gap. I’m not complaining about this one as it seems it will be like this for a while (and I hope for a good while). Would love new chapters, heroes and modes along the way and I believe they should add new heroes with friendships in lower levels. I mean… For a player starting the game to wait till level cap to get a disk from a hero he pulled in a diamond crate is kinda underwhelming. I really hope they freeze level cap and hero quality (aka purple, orange) so we can catch up in that. It takes ages to promote a hero nowadays. A boost in drops would be lovely to as purple and orange bits are too painful to grind. Let’s hope for the best because I’m the only one still excited about the game in my guild. Please PerBlue I admire your content creation but stick to just adding new heroes and modes from now on, ya?


Not true. I think I have spent 70 bucks. I don’t have everyone maxed, not even close. But the update is very welcome.


Most likely, but not likely, they’ll increase the level caps for S1… I heard that there’s going to be new Discs… Hades, Stitch, Hiro, Scar and Jack Skellington have supposed New Discs…


@Polaris do you have a time for the update ? :slight_smile: otherwise, would have loved a bit more changes with that update since there’re quite some bugs that came with the previous one. But always glad to get a bit more things to do ^^


Most likely around 1-3pm CST.


Are you trying to lose players even more?!? I have like NONE level 90 heroes yet, cant level them that fast at all! I dont have the money to buy every deal and upgrade my characters fast enough in level and badges, I have like 3 toons in O0, and not even completed O0 badges, its a joke what you are doing. Please, slow down!


We’re hoping to do the update around noon CT, but I’ll post an official time once it’s set.

When we said we would slow down updates after the New Year, we were talking about new features. We added a lot of new game modes in 2018. Once we have Invasion out to the servers, that will be the last big change to the game for a time. Our roadmap after Invasion includes many quality of life improvements for existing features.

We will continue to add new heroes, new chapters, new friendships, and team level increases in order to keep the game fresh. We use data from the servers to determine when it’s time for a team level increase. The team has parameters that indicate when the servers are ready.

Good to know

Well, your parameters are LYING


@ Polaris, despite some negative comments, I think we are ready for this update. Looking forward to mods and invasion (feedback seems to be buff the mods :wink: )
Keep the great content coming and thanks for your work!