Update 1.6.A Patch Notes


PerBlue does of course. Not sure what kind of answer you were looking for…

In all seriousness the last month before the new year included Characters from Nightmare before Christmas and Frozen. Two of Disney’s bigger winter themed IPs as well as the kick feature that people had been clamoring for since before heist was released on all servers. That was the Christmas gift that they gave us. 5 new characters 4 of which people has been asking for and a new one from WIR2. Along with one of the most requested features for the game. Yet people still complain saying that it isn’t enough or that it is too much.

Once I again I will reiterate that there is no new content being released in this patch. Server 1 has nothing new coming and server 1 is where any and all new content gets tested 9/10 times. Them not getting anything new is confirmation that PB is slowing down updates. This is merely catching other servers up to the levels that Server 1 has already had.


Server update will be at Noon CT.


@Herobro the ones moving to the elite campaigns will be the ones leaving the shop to make room for the new rotation of heros


Ugh! we are in war and you are updating. S14 isnt getting anything …eeK!! Hurry up! Lol


Hey, can we stop making this game a pay to play? I’m tired of having to spend money just to stay caught up. Arena and Coli are miserable when you reach Platinum and are not spending as much as others. I’ve had many guild members leave the game because y’all can’t keep the little guy in mind. This game was intended for children, yes? Then why are we making it impossible for kids to enjoy? I myself find myself working only on certain heroes, Moana and Quorra, because those are the only two you need apparently, and while I run my guild, we have some decent players who are getting destroyed by these big money spenders, all because Perblue is getting money hungry. Make the game enjoyable for all, make it so it isn’t a pay to play. You guys keep losing players, you really want to keep that up? Get it together, or you can guarantee another 200-500 gone by next update.


The update is complete!


There was an issue with the update being synced completely to the live servers. If you don’t see the correct team level cap or campaign unlocked, please restart the game and you should get the right information.