Update 1.8 Patch Notes


Hooray, it’s all over. Now I have a bunch of random trophies saved. :joy:


So not complaining but i struggle to lvl 3 new heros up. Im f2p and i wont have a chance at the vip crate mad hatter but even taking 2 of them up is hard and consumes a ton of materials and gold. Im not one of the people who have hoarded thise sorts of things since im just barley keeping maxed with the lvl cap increases. Love these heros coming to game. Most excited for mad hatter, queen of hearts looks pretty good to, dont know about alice yet. Maybe next we can get dumbo hero since he has new live action movie coming in a few weeks!


update completed for me. no more snow.


Yay! Congratz buddy! :grin:


Yup message me on here good to see you buddy.


I will look later and reply on here


If this still open when you return.


He can message me by name


I really hate that Stitch’s friendship is with the mad hatter. I find that dumb. I also don’t really like Alice in wonderland. Ugh. I can’t even do the friendship since mad is locked behind the vip crate



The update is complete!


We will be sending out tokens for players who have already finished challenges prior to the 1.8 update. Due to the lateness of this update today, we will be sending them out tomorrow morning.