Update 1.9-B Patch Notes

I’m Server 3. Been here since launch. Spent a total of $39. Level 101 about to be 102. Platinum 1 in Coli. Platinum 4 in Arena. All characters unlocked. I don’t mind. I find it mildly annoying but not that much.
But Jack as Sign in is great!


That’s cool. I like that Polaris. :slight_smile: glad these heroes are being awesome! I just wanna say, keep up the great work! (But don’t add too much heroes)! But still, cool.

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At least I can keep my “Hero Collector” title.


This is just the sign-in. The monthly update hasn’t occurred. I call the monthly update the update that adds new heroes and that stuff. I’d ask for the usual


Hello everyone I’m from server 1 and as a lot of people here said they are trying to get servers 2-4 to the same level cap as server 1. I don’t know if they plan merging servers in the future but that is one of the reasons I can think for this fast paced level cap increase to those servers (if you check past updates server 1 level cap increases half of the times of the other servers). It sucks (I know!) But after 2 weeks playing (doing quests daily and using stamina) you are usually close to the level cap (free players).

On server 1 there are a lot of players that when they launch an update 1 hour after they are already max level and their toons are maxed as well. That doesn’t mean they are unbeatable just harder to beat.

And then when you get there all that they spent to get a lead is over and the server is competitive again

Think about about that


“Heroes will not appear in Shops until they refresh.” What exactly does this mean?

The game has been going longer than a year champ, hit that a bit ago

You need to refresh the shops to see them, exactly what it says

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Well that’s how it works now… so it’s just a reminder then

Beta time don’t count. You know it?

I don’t believe this is the “Anniversary Patch” or what have you. Now as someone on S4 I don’t really enjoy the increase but I understand it. S3 was thrown off because of invasion and S2 and S4 were tied to that. The standard caps that had been for 2-8 were thrown off and now we are finally coming back in line or so I assume.

I believe that the Anniversary patch will be 2.0 marking one year after the games full release (as in excluding the beta). All in all I am hopefully optimistic. The cap raise stings and I believe it is a little quick, but by the same token if this is what it takes to get servers back in line. Than it will have been a necessary evil.

All of this rides on when 120/O6 comes to 2-8 if it does indeed come at the same timeframe. If not then I will have lost a lot of respect for PB.


I feel like Perblue is saving all the new characters they want to release for their one year anniversary later this month, that would explain why we didn’t get a new sign in hero but that’s just my thought


Awful update for those who will have the level cap increase. You guys need to SLOW IT DOWN!


The wording of this has me believe that you do not play on 2-4, but regardless of what server you are on, like I said in a previous post, the hope is that this is simply a necessary evil.

I just hit 110 days ago and haven’t had the time to max enhancements or skill, but assuming that this lines up 2-8 once again there is the hope that this will allow a bigger gap between updates since those servers will be realigned. Let’s wait to cast judgement until the next increase to see if they are going to keep rushing the caps or if 2-8 will still be staggered.


Too soon just too soon. I’m thinking to retire because of this. It’s getting no fun and they don’t try to hear our opinions


Bruh, Slow the heck down on the level caps geez .


We (Server 8) didn’t even get a month in between 110 and 115.


server 4 too :pleading_face: perblue should keep slow

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Thank goodness Jack Skellington ended up being the sign in hero. I should be able to give him max stars before the end of the month at this rate, but I’m speaking selfishly here.

I get that May having no new hero as a sign-in reward is disappointing to most players, myself included. For servers getting the new 115 level cap, I know that really stings too. As a server 1 player, please know that you should not be discouraged competitively.

Just take things slow and just ensure that your main heroes are leveling up at a similar pace so that your variety is not compromised. If you have to level up heroes, prioritize the ones whose skills are affected by weather or not their ALLIES are of equal levels or lower (example: Mickey, WALL-E). This ensures that these characters are still optimal for their roles in supporting their team as you made sure the full effects of their level-dependent skills are intact.

If you have maxed out Jack Skellington, use this coming month as an opportunity to put mods on him from Invasion. Take advantage of those extra chips to further advance his stats.

I know, I know, it’s not the best patch. Rest assured, more characters are on their way. I hope some of your hopes for this game will be met in future patches, but until then, make sure to: do your daily’s, sign in for your guild, manage your resources, and try to always play on Sundays.

Horrible update for 14… Why don’t Gaston, baymax?? Why?? :sob: It’s absurd

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