Update 2.1.10 Patch Notes

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Update 2.1.10

Welcome to the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode 2.1.10 Update! This release features Jumba and Pleakly from Disney’s Lilo and Stitch. Jumba will be replacing Tron as our new reward in Challenger Seasons. We’re increasing gold rewards from multiple spots in the game, including Endless Creep Surge.


  • NEW! heroes Jumba and Pleakly from Disney’s Lilo and Stitch arrive on the scene!
  • Jumba replaces Tron as our new Challenger Seasons reward.


Jumba is a mid-line ”Control” character. Jumba will only be available from Arena and Coliseum Challenger season rewards with the new season starting on July 15.


Plasma Cannon
Jumba fires his laser blaster at the closest enemies, dealing damage and stunning them.

Theoretical Experiment
Once per wave, Jumba throws an experimental substance at the frontmost ally, fully healing them, increasing their max HP, giving them energy, and increasing their basic damage.

Thermal Sight
Jumba uses his thermal binoculars to see all enemies, making Jumba “precise” and increasing his basic damage. Precise heroes can target invisible enemies and their attacks cannot be dodged or evaded.

Part Of Plan
While Jumba has “precise”, he deals more damage with “Plasma Cannon” and his basic attacks.

Evil Scientist
At the start of each wave, the frontmost ally, including Jumba, is precise. When Jumba is precise, he gains energy each time he damages or stuns an enemy that he would not normally have if he was not precise.


  • Jumba and Stitch
  • Jumba and Animal


Pleakley is a back-line “Damage” character. Pleakley will only be available in Diamond Crates.


Mosquito Scourge
Passive: Pleakley applies stacks of mosquitos to enemies he damages with his basic attack.

Active: Pleakley sends a swarm of mosquitos at enemies, dealing damage to all enemies and bonus damage over time to enemies with mosquitos on them.

Food Of Choice
Pleakley sends a small swarm of mosquitos at the enemy with the least HP, deals damage to them, applies stacks of mosquitos to them, and the mosquitos return to Pleakley, healing him.

Fascinating Find
Pleakley pulls out his image viewer, studying enemies.

Hazardous Situation
Enemies with mosquitos on them take damage over time per mosquito.

Protect And Preserve
When an enemy is studied they receive stacks of mosquito. Each mosquito on an enemy removes basic damage.


  • Pleakley and Moana
  • Pleakley and Jumba

Hero Refresh

It’s another Hero Refresh! This time, it’s The Queen of Hearts who’s getting the royal treatment.

Queen of Hearts

The Queen of Hearts is a tank with a penchant for KOing enemies when they are at low HP and increasing her attack speed. We felt her old skills weren’t leaning into this niche well and she needed more tankiness and team synergy. The Queen of Hearts should be in tip-top shape after this fine tuning and we hope players feel the difference.

Base Stats

  • Increased Max HP
  • Increased Basic Damage
  • Increased Skill Power


Majesty’s Orders
The Queen of Hearts increases allies’ attack speed and applies stacks of Fatigue to enemies.

  • Her White Skill now increases her allies’ attack speeds for a duration
  • Her White Skill now also applies stacks of Fatigue to enemies
  • Removed shuffling two enemies

Temper, Temper
Once per wave, when The Queen of Hearts falls below a percent of her Max HP, she gains armor and attack speed for the rest of the wave.

  • Increased armor

Off With Their Head!
Every few basic attacks, The Queen of Hearts’ Playing Cards march the frontmost enemy to the back of the battlefield, stunning them. If the enemy is below a percent of their Max HP, they are instantly KO’d instead, even if they are Berserk or Invincible.

  • Her Blue Skill now shuffle the frontmost enemy to the back of the battlefield every few basic attacks and stuns them
  • Changed the instant KO from a flat amount of HP to a percent of the enemy’s Max HP
  • Changed the instant KO to trigger every few basic attacks
  • The instant KO now bypasses Invincibility and Berserk status effects

Royal Highness
The Queen of Hearts is immune to all attack and movement speed slows. The Queen of Hearts and her allies have a 52% chance to resist charms and instead be healed for a percent of their Max HP.

  • Her Purple Skill now makes her immune to all attack and movement speed slows
  • Removed bonus HP
    • Moved the bonus HP to her core stats

My Way
The Queen of Hearts and her allies heal HP each time they basic attack. Enemies stunned by “Off With Their Head!” also have their movement speed reduced and their armor reduced for a duration.

  • Her Red Skill reduces movement speed and armor on those targeted by her Blue Skill instead of her White Skill
  • Increased HP healed
  • Increased Armor reduced
  • Increased Max HP, Basic Damage, and Armor stat increases

Queen of Hearts’ Memory Disks

"Fur Ball" from Alice

  • Removed heal on KOing an enemy
  • Removed attack speed increase on KOing an enemy
  • Queen of Hearts now begins each wave with stacks of Hardy
  • Queen of Hearts now gains stacks of Hardy when her Green skill activates per memory disk star level
  • Allies with an attack speed increase gain armor per memory disk level

"Royal Ride" from Rex

  • Removed increased amount of enemies shuffled and increased stun with “Shuffle”
  • Her Blue Skill now deals True damage per memory disk star level
    • This damage is increased the further an enemy is shuffled
  • Her Blue Skill now stuns enemies longer per memory disk level
    • This bonus stun duration is decreased the further an enemy is shuffled
  • Increased skill power per memory disk level

Other Improvements

  • Increasing gold rewards in Endless Creep Surge.
    • We’ve increased the overall gold earned per battle, improved the gold multiplier, and increased the gold for common (white) bonuses.
  • Increasing Gold Scaling for Daily Quests, War Crates and Guild Check-Ins
  • Update to the delivery of VIP Rings with purchases.
    • VIP Rings will no longer appear in mailbox messages, but are instantly applied to the player’s VIP.
    • This allows players who are going up in VIP level to get access to new VIP Perks instantly!
  • Quick Win bonus points in Challenger Seasons will now scale more gradually
    • The 750 point bonus starts decaying after 7 seconds instead of 10 seconds
    • Points decay to nothing by 14 seconds instead of 15 seconds.
  • In City Watch we’re removing the name and team level of the opponent. It will now display the team power of the lineup.

Bug Fixes

  • Hero Fixes
    • Fixed an issue with Gizmoduck’s green skill where there was no cap on how much armor he could steal. We have added a maximum amount he can steal.
    • Fixed an issue with Mulan’s green skill where the rocket would not consistently damage and stun opponents.
    • Fixed an issue where Tron could prevent allies from gaining all their stacks of Hardy at the beginning of combat.
    • Fixed an issue with Mike’s red skill where he could get stuck in his roll if he was also slowed
    • Fixed an issue with Mike’s red skill where his white skill could interrupt his roll.
    • Fixed an issue where Quorra’s entrance could be offset by Kristoff and Sven
    • Fixed an issue with Tigger where he could get stuck in his invincible state
    • Fixed an issue where Maui could get frozen while invincible, which would cause the opponent team to stop attacking.
    • Fixed an issue with Bo Peep where Mr. Incredible could interrupt her white skill.
    • Fixed an issue with Donald Duck where he could become untagetable by the opponent team.
  • Fixed an issue where Hero Emoji Avatars were removed from cosmetic collections.
  • Fixed an issue where the Endless Creep Surge attack log would not sort by time.
  • Fixed an issue in Endless Creep Surge where the raid button would be grayed out, but it would successfully raid if pressed.
  • Fixed an issue where the Legacy button for Challenger Seasons was not active.

New Hero Locations and Content Adjustments

Servers 1-20 Update

New Heroes

  • Pleakley will only be available in Diamond Crates
  • Jumba will only be available in Arena and Coliseum Challenger Seasons

Existing Heroes

  • Tron will be available in a City Watch Event Crate
  • Eeyore will be available in the Elite Campaign
  • Goliath will be available in the Elite Campaign

Servers 21-22 Update

New Heroes

  • Pleakley will only be available in Diamond Crates
  • Jumba will only be available in Arena and Coliseum Challenger Seasons

Existing Heroes

  • Tron will be available in a City Watch Event Crate
  • Captain Hook will be available in the Elite Campaign
  • Goliath will be available in the Elite Campaign

This update is currently planned for Tuesday, July 14, pending app approvals.


YAS MORE LILO AND STITCH. Thank you so much!


Never expected Stitch characters… wheres Lilo?


@TherMasterStitch loooooook! And try not to get too excited and burst! :rofl:


Yay, but I won’t be able to get jumba :cry:


Now we have new Bo Peep, and all resources are wasted on him. :clap:


They’re separated? Oh well… HOORAY


Jumbo and pleakly? What!!!


Well…this was unexpected

But I’m happy that jumba and pleakley are in the game


Inspiration from my Wasabi concept?!

And he is friends with Animal?! I LOVE THE SIMILARITIES


Overall nice update, THANKS for the extra gold (hopefully it’ll be enough), but, dodge heroes still can’t dodge disables and berserk still can’t be stolen. What is taking so long to fix these bugs???

Also THIS:

THIS ruined an update that could have been pretty decent


Gizmoduck was broken. No single hero should be able to one-shot defeat an Invasion Boss at the levels that we were seeing in the logs. He’ll still be powerful, but we closed an exploit in Invasion.





Yes, I can finally get Tron, but no Jumbaa

It’s pretty ruined everything, and it’s a bad update, why always something bad must get added.

Invasion takes hours now, and will days as before.
And invasion rewards are still terrible, epic CW still a joke…

It’s nice package foil with bad gift inside.


We can’t ever have anything nice, can we. Don’t call it a “fix” when there was nothing broken, this is very obviously a nerf. :pouting_cat:

Gizmo was one of the few heroes that made Invasion playable, this is stupid and ridiculous. Why don’t you just remove the mode, then, since you don’t want anyone to have fun playing it.


Yay! New lilo and stitch characters! Now I will be able to get Tron which is nice! Though, I won’t be able to unlock jumba… :frowning:

Well, I am thankful for these new additions, bug fixes, and a hero :smiley:


Unique characters! I Think my love for this game is slowly coming back!

I don’t necessarily like the refresh because now QOH is another OP character that looks rushed but she desperately needed it.

After that this update is the first one I’m actually quite excited for!


This is wrong the upper one is the down one and vice versa.

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