Update 2.2.01 Patch Notes

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Update 2.2.01

Welcome to the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode 2.2.01 Update! This release features some bug fixes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Hero Chip count on raid results would not include chips currently in the player’s inventory
  • Fixed an issue where the contest overview description would be blank
  • Fixed an issue where Creep Surge attack logs would jump to older battles and then back

This will be an unforced update. This thread will be updated once the update has been released to the app stores. We anticipate Google, Samsung and Amazon will be available later today, and Apple on Monday.


Okay, next week is the hero,other wise good thing these bugs are being fixed🙃


@Polaris I got a question. Why do the Surge Point tiers and Attack Log tiers not match?



That might be related to the attack log hopping around. Let’s take another look once the update is out.


Yay, it’s weird not seeing it

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Next week is for more hero right?

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@The_Dude_LXXVI you were waiting on the log fix. here it is, hopefully.


I attributed the difference to the log “tier” actually being the wave. Which btw the way, would be more useful to display alongside reward tiers. for tracking purposes.


Are there any plans to allow the logs to be accessed after surge ends? A lot of guilds track surge activity and if we can’t see the rankings after it ends, they may not be totally accurate.


Please keep this thread for discussing this specific update. Other issues/questions/bug reports need to go in their appropriate places.

We are not able to release this update today, and are planning to go on Monday.


Then just make one

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Yay! Bug fixes! Now I need to make a song for it!

Slap those bugs away
Use this here bug spray
Bug repellant? Fly swatter?
Drown 'em in a glass of water!
If these bugs aren’t killed
We can’t go WOO,
We’ll kill them or our name ain’t Perblue!


I am a poet, and that is how Imma show it. :grin:


Glad y’all fixing the bugs

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About that, I also have a question or maybe a problem. Why does the region show that it was cleared but the district is not KOed?

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Because districts can be refought in Endless Surge

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I see. Thanks for your help

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Think of the beginners :roll_eyes:

This isn’t the bug fixes thread


Good poem @Soulkeeper_David!! Lol

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Thank you. :grin:

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