Update 2.6.10 Patch Notes

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Update 2.6.10

Welcome to the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode 2.6.10 Update! This release features Wasabi from Disney’s Big Hero 6 and a hero refresh for Mad Madam Mim from Disney’s Sword in the Stone!


  • New! Hero Wasabi from Disney’s Big Hero 6
  • Hero Refresh! Mad Madam Mim from Disney’s Sword in the Stone


Wasabi is a front-line “Damage” hero. Wasabi will be available in Diamond Crates!


Plasma Slice
Wasabi slices enemies in front of him, dealing damage with each hit and finishing the combo with a huge slice that deals additional damage.

Blade Block
Every few seconds, Wasabi blocks a projectile from hitting himself or allies behind him and increases his attack speed.

Laser Hand
Wasabi performs an upper cut, dealing damage to nearby enemies and knocking damaged enemies back.

Stunning Precision
Every few basic attacks, Wasabi stuns those he damages and deals additional damage.

Slice It Up
The duration of time between Wasabi’s basic attacks is reduced until he uses “Plasma Slice” or he KO’s an enemy. Wasabi heals himself each time he uses “Stunning Precision.”


  • Wasabi and Bunsen & Beaker
  • Wasabi and Syndrome

Hero Refresh - Mad Madam Mim

Mad Madam Mim

What a lovely day for a Hero Refresh! This time we’re focusing on the one and only Mad Madam Mim. Madam Mim is a Damage role hero who’s niche is to focus the role of the last enemy who used their active ability. We’ve made some major changes to Mim to push her damage against specific hero roles, allow her to counter teams that rely too heavily on their active abilities, and completely reworked her Red skill to play into her new Hex niche more. Take a look at the details below.

Base Stats

  • Increased Max HP
  • Increased Basic Damage
  • Increased Skill Power


Wizard Duel
Madam Mim keeps track of the last enemy to use their active skill and deals more damage to them and other enemies of the same Role. When Madam Mim uses “Wizard Duel”, she magically transforms into different animals based on the Role of the enemy that last used an active skill.

  • Tank Role: Mim turns into a crocodile, biting the closest enemy and dealing fantastic damage.
  • Damage Role: Mim turns into a tiger and pounces on the last enemy who used their active skill, dealing normal damage.
  • Control or Support Role: Mim turns into a dragon and breathes fire at the last enemy who used their active skill, dealing fantastic damage to enemies in an area.

General Changes

  • Mim stores the Role of the last enemy who used their active ability and deals bonus damage as a percent of their max HP to all enemies who share that role
  • Tank Role
    • Increased base damage
  • Damage Role
    • Increased based damage
    • Increased range to be standard melee range instead of single target
  • Control/Support Role
    • Increased base damage
    • Targets the enemy who last used their active ability instead of the furthest back enemy

Ugly Old Creep
Madam Mim turns her face into a hideous sight and targets enemies who are the same Role as the last enemy to use their active skill, Scaring and Hexing them. If enemies attempt to use their active skill while Hexed, they are stunned.

  • Increased scare duration
  • Mim now targets all enemies who share the Role of the last enemy to use their active ability
  • Mim now also Hexes as well as Scares enemies targeted by this skill

I Make the Rules
When Madam Mim uses “Wizard Duel”, her different animal forms receive the following bonuses.

  • Crocodile: Mim also deals a percent of the target’s max HP as damage.
  • Tiger: Mim applies stacks of Fatigue to enemies she damages.
  • Dragon: Mim also deals damage over time to enemies hit by her fire breath.

Tank Role

  • Increased damage as a percent of enemies’ max HP

Damage Role

  • Removed the stun from her Tiger form
    • We wanted to remove the stun from this skill so Madam Mim would not stop enemies from using their active abilities as that directly benefits her
    • Adds stacks of Fatigue to enemies damaged while in her Tiger form

Control/Support Role

  • Increase damage over time

Mad Energy
Madam Mim gains energy each time an enemy uses their active ability. This includes enemies who are Hexed and use their active abilities.

  • Increased energy gained from white skill uses
  • Mim gains energy from enemies using their active abilities instead of allies

Magnificent and Marvelous
When enemies KO Madam Mim or one of her allies, they are Hexed. If enemies attempt to use their active skill while Hexed, they are stunned. Mim targets the Role the enemy team has the most of, enemies of that Role lose Basic Damage and Skill Power for the first few seconds of battle. If the enemy team has an equal amount of 2 or more Roles, Mim picks between the Roles randomly.

  • Removed the energy she and her allies gain at the start of each wave and completely reworked the skill

Mad Madam Mim’s Memory Disks

"Tricks and Wagers" from Oogie Boogie

  • Memory disk star level
    • Removed the Sap and energy removal
    • The new effect is if enemies begin battle with more than an amount of energy they are Hexed and all of their stacks of Hardy are removed
  • Memory disk level
    • Increased reality reduction to Tank role enemies
    • Increased skill power
    • Increased armor
    • Added enemies lose armor per stack of Hardy they have

"Magical Ride" from Magica De Spell

  • Memory disk star level
    • Increased basic damage and Max HP buff to Damage role allies
  • Memory disk level
    • Increased skill power to Damage role allies
    • Increased max HP to Madam Mim per Damage role ally
    • Added Madam Mim gains armor per Damage role ally
    • Added Madam Mim gains basic damage per Damage role ally

Other Improvements

  • Following the update players will receive Anti Virus items to clear any remaining infected nodes in their campaigns. We will be setting the sale value of these items to 0 with the update.

Bug Fixes

  • Hero Fixes
    • Fear could get into a state where he would not take any damage due to stacks of dread. To address this, we’ve added a maximum number of stacks of dread that can be granted from his white skill. We’ve also fixed a bug with his purple skill where the stacks of dread were reducing all damage. It should only modify the extra damage from a crit or super crit.
    • Fixed a bug where the buffs Kermit’s white skill would duplicate and share was inconsistent. The skill will apply to active buffs only - passive buffs will not be copied.
    • Fixed an issue where Syndrome’s hero icon could show the frozen status when he was not frozen in combat.
    • Fixed an issue where Randall Boggs would cancel a buff instead of cleansing it. That resulted in the buff not being applied again later in combat (Timon & Pumbaa’s Hakuna Matata for example).
  • Fixed an issue with contest winner formatting in the announcements channel.
  • Fixed an issue where Apple devices using a processor before the A7, and the processors that have an X or Z on the end of their name ex A8X or A12Z may have heroes that appear washed out in combat.
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in the Heist tutorial
  • Fixed an issue where Invasion Attacker Power could display as a negative number
  • Fixed an issue where the contest Hall of Fame was showing incorrect information for Guild medals and points

New Hero Locations and Content Adjustments

Heroes will not appear in Shops until they refresh.

Servers 1-24 Update

  • New Hero: Wasabi will only be available in Diamond Crates
  • Existing Hero: Clawhauser will be available in the Elite Campaign

This is a full app and server update that is currently planned for Tuesday, February 9.


Yesssss more Big hero 6


More Big Hero Six🤔 And Mim refresh🤔




This was honestly a let down imo… (new hero wise)


Wow, no vilian character same for 4 months ago


Don’t know how I feel 'bout this.


I understand Dr Bunsen and Beaker but Sunderome?


Never mind I do, I don’t like this one bit.


One word: Lasers


Advanced technology, I think.


I’m surprised by this. His skills look good. But, I guess not Drakken.

Would have wanted another character…

More bug fixes, are always nice.

Decent update.


Humm now that makes sense because syndrome did create rocket boots 15 years before he became a villian



And the Madam Mim refresh looks pretty solid overall! Another source of Hex, and improvements to really take advantage of her unique abilities!


Now we need Gogo and Fred


WOOW more BH6 :grin:

But his skillset looks… a bit meh. Hope stats and disks make up for it

Good choice in effect


Awesome for invasion

Her disks were swapped…?

Tron: Dies

Rude (lol) but it was kinda needed


So many people are typing…


Stunning Precision
Every few basic attacks, Wasabi stuns those he damages and deals additional damage.

How many is a few?




tenor (32)

And now I need to wait to August 2022 for Drakken… why this franchise is so cursed here?
tenor (31)

It got worse…
Just why.

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