Update 2.6.12 Patch Notes - iOS only

This patch has an update for one of the SDKs in the app for iOS. This does not have any changes that will be visible to players.

This is an unforced update that has already been approved and released to the app store.


First to reply? Yay! Also I dont get what the changes are and I’m on IOS. Could you please go into further detail if you dont mind?


I agree with you, the more details, the more understanding.

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@Polaris i don’t know but, my claim all button is busted for a while now, I don’t know if it had to do with IOS or if everything had it. Small description: when I press claim all my game freezes, more not. Is there a way to solve the problem manual or do we need a bug fix update?


It’s not iOS specific. You can still individually claim the quests though

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