Update 2.7.10 Known Issues

Yes, it was AOE before, so she got nerfed, isn’t it an amazing hero refresh? :roll_eyes:


Although Musk is right, please, just stop :man_facepalming:

It’s not our fault Kim’s refresh turned out to be bad. We don’t work at PerBlue :roll_eyes:

Which She wasn’t. So stop harassing people for asking for a Kim refresh. She deserved it and we thought PB would make us happy when we chose her.

Now we can only hope some nerfed features return in the future and stop blaming each other for this


Im also entitled to my opinion so no i wont shush ty very much

kim maybe needed a damage increase but a full on refresh she did not need its as simple as that

im very angry as I put effort into her for the community to vote for the not worst hero to be refreshed to make a hero i wasted time on awful.

Great move!!!

In terms of oogie how is he even useful right now hea massively worse and anger not much better. How many arena teams or war teams had kim? Quite a few how many had oogie 0

She was bad, a lot of players wanted her better, but the refresh came as nerf-all-over, just her damage was increased, not to add it’s easily counterable by direct counters and her own poor stats.

For the 100th time, who could know how PB will ‘refresh’ her? Most refreshes, mostly lately were successful, and PB did good job on them, but not on Kim, for a second time :sweat:

… I— was explained MANY times.


Funny how come Frank in my guild had her in a team and the best guilds continually couldn’t kill him in one go and his kim line often stood. I dont see oogie in any defence or surviving any attack why? Because he’s worse by a long way.

I will say this again she needed a a damage boost only not a full refresh. What did you think would happen? They always change virtually everything.

I think some of us are missing the point that we want to have our favorite heroes be good… Which is likely one of the reasons you downloaded DHBM in the first place… To see your favorite characters fight villains or “Creeps”

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she was so counterable top guilds failed on her. However that’s a pathetic excuse because every hero is counterable. So that argument means absolutely nothing. If you can’t see she needed a damage increase only somethings wrong.

Why is it when i make a valid argument that all of my guild could use kim just fine people can’t accept that and hide it. Unreal not my fault we could use her just fine. Ridiculous blocking that for no good resson

more to the point how many think new kim is actually better?

It is not blocking, but flagging. You are spamming about it and frankly, being a bit rude, so of course it will be flagged.


This thread is for reporting bugs. Please take discussion about heroes to the hero chat section.


About…? Well…

Shouldn’t Drakken’s friendship with Gizmo be available as Demona is released?

Notice everyone avoided this wonder why!!!

Am I the only one that since some time has been receiving surge rewards at completely random times? Not sure it’s related to the update but still

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