Update 2.7.10 Patch Notes


Not sure if it has been said here or not already, but if you could let us know Polaris are the characters going to all start with their Battle Badges, or will they be rolled out like the Red skills?

If so, any expectations in terms of there will be any focus on if older(2018-6.2019), middle(7.2019-6.2020) or newer(7.2020-Present) in terms of who get their Battle Badges first?

Of course don’t have to say who exactly, but like nice to know if all the characters will have their Battle Badge right away or if there will be a rollout like the Red skills had :-).

All heroes will have their Battle Badge available from the start. They will not be rolled out like red skills.


Oh so later in the week

… No. We don’t know when we will get access to the campaign.

Yeah, it could come at any time, e.g March 30th when Yellow comes out

Ok, here’s a bit more info about the Kim refresh.
Her white skill will trigger more often and that will allow her to do more damage. We heavily modified her red skill and memory disks so if you put her on a study team she should do a lot more damage. The red skill study/crit damage is very powerful. Study teams are pretty meta right now, so she should synergize with a lot of top lineups. The increase to her stats is pretty significant. Hopefully that helps ease some of your concern.


So that means if you evolves your favorite character for yellow rank, first, go the codebase, then evolve battle badge

I see Polaris and thanks for answering :-).
I appreciate that we get all the Battle Badges from the start and not having for wait for them to roll out like Red Skills did.

On Kim Possible’s Refresh I see.
I don’t use Kim Possible myself, but based on opinions here most people used Kim Possible as a Team Healer or at least a Backup Team Healer, so Kim Possible becoming a Self-Healer rather than a Team Healer would likely turn people away from Kim Possible.
If of course Kim Possible’s refresh turn her into a meta Normal Damage character then of course that should redeem the fact that she lost her ability to Team Heal, but yeah for now I suppose we have to wait and see until Tuesday if her refresh will actually make her meta or not.

I am not sure if it possible, but I would imagine it would be possible to copy over the previous code in terms of Kim Possible’s Team Heal ability, that way bring it back before tomorrow.
As for if the Team Heal should be increased as well I would say it would be nice, yeah just bring back the Team Heal ability at all seems to be what the community are voicing right now.

Beside that though, i hope you had a good weekend Polaris :-).


when the game is updated could you launch an offer to move up a level and promote the new Heroes to the new Yellow rank?

I wonder where is this coming from. Because the most irritating team is not even a study team at all. Albeit you mean in offense, yes I might potentially give you that.


Not really :thinking:
And well… a lot of counters play against study.

Not sure about that as 1M BD was removed, but nothing else than believing left, and waiting for tomorrow.
Just to add, if the idea is actually to make her deal a lot of damage she really needs some badges (already suggested) which give her armor negation so she won’t be locked behind any armor buff and in the end deal barely any damage, same with her poor evasion, she won’t do a thing if she will be (as now) always disabled.

Still hoping for return of team heal though…


Kim is a damage hero, not a support whos purpose is healing, as long as her damage output is good after the refresh, I think the refresh is fine


The roles barely does anything now, control heroes do most of the damage, and Basil… he is pure damage with 0 CC source. Max is a tank… and deal a lot of damage.

The Kim’s heal (and slow) was good and it made study teams temporary very stable (until Bunsen came).

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Dont even get me started on cheshire

Yea, I didn’t think of that, it makes sense

The direction I probably would’ve taken with Kim would’ve been to lean her into somewhat of a Control / Support hybrid and focus on those aspects of her kit, since it seemed like those features were the main reasons that people used her.

Control is a bit of a dead role at the moment since most of the recent ones don’t actually do much controlling, more laying waste to the enemy, so something a bit like a stronger Finnick that also heals, stuns & studies, with modern stats, would’ve been a great & unique hero. The Study synergy could’ve still been viable by using it as a way to improve her debuff applications, speed, etc.

Beefing her up as a niche damage hero is great, but most of her utility is being removed and damage gets power-creeped eventually. Outside of Study teams it doesn’t sound like she’ll be especially effective, there are better Normal Damage heroes available.

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Okay, okay. I see your point of view. But

It doesn’t. I think it’s safe to say Kim was the greatest team healer/studier, and you stripped that away from her. And you also removed her 10-second-long stun. Although that stun could have been blocked/evaded, with Honey Lemon (Hi) she could have completely stunned teams.


Now her white skill gonna be 80% sick

Hum… .

I think the case here is that PerBlue is making Kim Possible more of an actually Damage focused character as she has the damage role, but the actual reason people were using Kim Possible seem to be for the Healing and Utility.

In that case, I say Kim Possible could be reclassed as Support character and instead of going with the refresh version of Kim Possible that’s damage focused, I think copying back over the old skill set and just increasing values seem to me an idea people here would rather like.
Something to consider at least.

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It eases the damage concern, but for me takes away nothing in the concerns about her Joy-disk nerfed and her team healing ability removed.

Also, for me for now she is mostly a great hero to stop the boss from moving in blue invasion together with Kristoff (Fl) (and do a little damage, which might improve, might not. Have to wait and see).

So I hope slow from disk and team heal will be restored. If that happens she could be a going up tiers in terms of usefullness (albeit we still have anti-study heroes)



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