Update 2.7.10 Patch Notes

I’m still waiting for Gaston refresh

but then, with today’s update, we will have the usual level cap increase and will it be possible to promote the heroes to yellow 0 or not? will there be an increase on all servers?

ok, I have read more carefully and it will be March 30th :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

The update is in a few hours! :smiley:

I’m waiting for drakken to come before opening my war boxes!

Also, does anyone know when Polaris will start the update process? 11AM?

a bit later…

Anything regarding the feedback, will the heal return?

This post was mainly slightly improved version of the info from first post, but it doesn’t give anything what team said about our feedback.


There is a partial refund for the Megabits.

The refresh is a significant change to her kit, including a great increase in her stats, based on of player feedback, so while they hear what you’re saying, give her a chance and see how the new Kim does.

Welcome to update day!

Current Status:
:white_check_mark: Released to Apple Store
:black_square_button: Available in Apple Store
:black_square_button: Released to Google
:black_square_button: Released to Samsung & Amazon
:black_square_button: Available in Google Store
:black_square_button: Schedule server update


Replying to someone AND welcoming us to update day!


But this new Kim can’t heal allies anymore :man_shrugging:

We want the heal because it’s useful

Give her a chance as a damage hero.

She was never a true damage until now, more like a pretty mediocre control. But if the numbers are as big as they say things may change


Ok, but just saying, without armor negation and evasion it won’t work successfully, but this is job for Y0/battle badge. :woman_shrugging:t2:



Loving the new icon :eyes:


Yeah, but wait for servers to be done


New icon! It’s… beautiful! :heart: :duck:


Why not Kim and Dr.Drakken? :thinking:

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RIP ducktales :disappointed: :v:
Love the icon :heart:


Probably because the reboot just ended. It still hurts…I don’t know how I’ve made it a week after already, but the podcast is going to be great.

Donald and Darkwing are probably to honor that.


I just noticed that the backgrounds of Donald and DW are swapped. Donald’s is purple while Darkwing’s is blue :thinking:

Intentional? I wonder…

Would be nice if it’s a sneaky spoiler for upcoming DT17 heroes :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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