Update 2.8 Patch Notes

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Update 2.8

Welcome to the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode 2.8 Update! This release features the release of a new hero: Fairy Godmother from Disney’s Cinderella, a new feature: the Wish Crate, that lets you choose which hero gets rewarded, plus a number of improvements and bug fixes!


  • New! Fairy Godmother from Disney’s Cinderella!
  • New! Choose your hero in the Wish Crate!

Fairy Godmother


Fairy Godmother is a back-line ”Support” hero. Fairy Godmother will be available in the Diamond Crate.


Just In Time
Passive: Fairy Godmother does not enter battle until an ally is at a percent of their Max HP and fully heals this ally. Instead of a basic attack, Fairy Godmother heals the ally with the least HP.

Active: Fairy Godmother heals herself and allies over time and increases herself and allies’ Reality.

Magical Enchantment
Fairy Godmother enchants the frontmost ally, granting them stacks of Hardy and making them Energized. Allies Energized by Fairy Godmother gain extra energy each time they basic attack.

Pumpkin Transformation
Fairy Godmother summons a pumpkin above enemies and accidentally transforms it into a carriage, dealing damage and stunning enemies.

After Fairy Godmother has cast “Just In Time” X times, the next cast grants herself and allies Armor, removes all of their debuffs, and grants them stacks of Hardy.

Wish Granting
Fairy Godmother gains Energy each time an Energized ally basic attacks. Every X times Fairy Godmother heals an ally instead of her basic attack, the next ally healed in this way is also Energized. Allies Energized by Fairy Godmother gain extra energy each time they basic attack.


  • Fairy Godmother and Maximus

New Wish Crate!

The Wish Crate is a new kind of crate that will be available as a limited time special Event Crate starting on April 13.

Choose Your Reward

What sets the Wish Crate apart from other crates is that it can award you with hero chips for exactly the hero that you want, including a possible Jackpot of 300 hero chips! Each player will be able to select almost any hero with a few exceptions like the Sign-in Hero or event exclusives. Along with the other rewards, the Wish Crate will only award you with hero chips for the hero you choose.

Other Rewards

The Wish Crate will drop other rewards that are specific to your selected hero, such as their red skill chips, their memories, relevant mod fragments, and badges they need.

Beyond that, the Wish Crate can also award resources like gold, disk power, and even a rare secondary jackpot of 30,000 Diamonds! Almost every resource in the Crate will also scale with your Team Level.

Increasing Chances

Not only does the Wish Crate let you choose the hero you want, but the more Wish Crates you open, the more likely you will be to win hero chips in Jackpot or normal amounts! Every time you don’t get a Jackpot, your chances of getting it next time will be higher.

Additionally, every time you don’t receive a Jackpot OR Regular Hero Chips, your chances of getting Regular Hero chips will increase as well as your chance of getting the Jackpot.

Future Plans

For now, the Wish Crate will just be available as a limited-time event lasting from April 13 - April 27. The Wish Crate is an exciting new addition, and we will be monitoring it closely. Our hope is to shape this new Crate into a permanent feature within the game. We’ll be looking for your feedback!

With this first release of the Wish Crate we are giving EVERYONE a FREE 10x Item as a part of the tutorial. We look forward to hearing from everyone about the Wish Crate!

Hero Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Clawhauser could gain energy and heal while frozen if his skill Hot Dancer was active.
  • Fixed a bug where Jessie could steal Hades’ invincibility if her attack triggered it. Hootenanny should only steal buffs that were on the hero before her skill was triggered.
  • We made an adjustment to Demona to address a rare edge case with Demona and Rex’s red skill where a team could become unkillable.
  • Fixed an issue where Mulan’s rocket would not target an opponent Mulan
  • Mr. Big & Koslov can no longer whisk away Davy Jones’ Chest with the limo
  • Fixed an issue where Mr. Big & Koslov’s emojis wouldn’t display in chat
  • Changed Dr. Drakken’s friend disk “Truth Detector” to reduce reality instead of skill power while the opponent is silenced
  • Added some missing text to the evolve screen for Clawhauser’s Friend Disk from Powerline.
  • Battle Badge Changes - after hearing your feedback about some charging conditions and buffs on Battle Badges, we’re making the following changes:
    • Battle Badge Charging Conditions
      • Megara’s condition will now use Charm
      • The Genie’s condition will now use his Three Wishes skill
      • Sally’s condition will now use Damage over Time
    • Effect Buff changes
      • Kim Possible to Evasion
      • Vanellope to Reality Negation
      • Jack Skellington to Attack Speed
      • Basil to Hardy
      • Pleakley to Normal Crit
      • Lock, Shock, & Barrell to Evasion
      • Frozone to Fantastic Crit
      • Tia Dalma to Reality Negation
      • Jack Sparrow to Crit Damage
      • Kevin Flynn to Invincibility
      • Maleficent to Energized
      • Disgust to Fantastic Crit
      • Fear to Invisibility
      • Demona to Fantastic Crit
      • Peter Pan to Armor Negation
      • Scrooge McDuck to Invisibility
    • Stat Buff change
      • Mushu to Skill Power

Other Improvements

  • The Codebase - we’ve added more animation when the Mega Virus is performing it’s basic attack
  • We’ve improved the art for the megabits!
  • We’ve made a change to the hero portrait to show 3 states of the Battle Badge: locked, unlocked, and enhanced
  • We’ve added the Mega Virus avatar to the Creep Avatars collection
  • We’ve added Invasion Boss HP details to more places

  • If a player has no infected nodes in the Campaign, we’ve removed any antivirus items from their inventory. These items cannot be sold and players without infected nodes do not need them.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where players could see negative numbers of XP Drinks on the enhancement screen
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when using auto add on the enhancement screen for Battle Badges
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when using the Tier Max button on Mods
  • Fixed a crash that could happen in Invasion
  • Fixed an issue where the tutorial arrow would cover the Invasion Crate button
  • Fixed an issue where the battle result screen in Invasion would incorrectly say “Boss Defeated!” and other times “Boss Damaged!”
  • Fixed a bug in the Codebase where it could say “New High” even if it wasn’t a new high score or rage level.
  • Fixed a display issue where the x2 bonus icon was displaying during an x3 event.
  • Fixed an issue where the rage bar in the Codebase could go down after passing level 30

New Hero Locations and Content Adjustments

Heroes will not appear in Shops until they refresh.

Servers 1-24 Update

  • New Hero: Fairy Godmother will only be available in Diamond Crates
  • Existing Hero: Mr Big & Koslov will be available in the Elite Campaign

This is a full app and server update that is currently planned for Tuesday, April 13.


She’s finally here I’m so excited🎉 I’m so looking forward to Cinderella coming soon seeing as we will most likely get more heroes from the movie




Fairy Godmother looks awesome! Wish Crates look super cool as well! The changes to Battle Badges are nice!

Cool update overall!


Wish crate looks very interesting…Glad we’ll be able to grind a hero out easier!

And thank you for some of the battle badge changes! They were really needed!

Thanks @Polaris for bringing us these patch notes!


Finally! :star_struck:


Fairy godmother’s face looks ridiculous lol :joy: now I need lady tremaine for Halloween…


Nice! Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo! The Fairy Godmother is here!


Yayy! Finally Cinderella! Fairy Godmother looks great, and the Wish Crates look amazing.

Bug fixes are good too. But this

This looks amazing. I know Musk will love that first one. Come Tuesday,
200 (2)


Quick thing:

You mean reality negation, right?


Great update overall :+1:

I see the feedback about effect of battle badges was heard. Altough they’re still too expensive :sweat_smile:

Also Wish Crates seem expensive but VERY rewarding so I’m definitely looking forward to them :grin:


She looks great




The price is disappointing, but it’s fair

Eeek! :grin:


DIsgust synergy :open_mouth:

I don’t believe it. No way. PERBLUE LISTENED!!!

Ooooh. They look good now. Easpecially the Tank megabits…

Thanks, @The_Real_Numi :clap:

Finally, an update I can’t be disappointed at!


He has zero so it’d not help him
At least this one makes his basic attacks better…


A question: will other battle badges be changed later? They’re unavailable on my server yet, but I saw some, and…could be worse, yes, but also could be better, especially for synergy, and especially the activating requirements :sweat_smile:


Hurray! New healer… :heart:
Did she just stole that from Kim? :eyes:

So much waiting :dizzy_face:
Sounds promising…

Oh… good, hope it will end happily ever after. :grin:

Hmm… @Polaris is the number unchanged?

Ahh… that’s soooooooooo sweet, THANKS!!! :heart_eyes_cat:

@Polaris… only Mushu?? Are you sure?
Yax has same problem as Mushu, and Joy will keep her useless basic damage?


The Fairy godmother is Here!


Fairy Godmother? Yes! She has to be Really Useful! :grin:


Of course the Fairly Godmother


I am more happy the change for Jack Sparrow got listened to. But yeah, can’t complain much.
I just hope the price of the Wish Crate would be adjusted to roughly what Diamond Crate price is now though.

Anyway, @Polaris, Wish Crate only drops either chips, badges, gold, crates etc. as like one at a time? Or multiple rewards from it like VIP Crate?

I hope the XP Price of Enhancement of the Battle Badge will be changed in 2.9.


Now we got a new franchise in the game

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