Update 3.4 Known Issues

Here’s a list of known issues after the 3.4 update:

  • Possible Google Play update not showing. This is a Google Play side issue and you may need to wait for the update to show or clear cache in the Google Play Store App.

These issues have been resolved:

  • Ariel will be rescaled in 3.4.1
  • Gadget too tiny and will be rescaled

Ariel is very small


I believe all hero scaling will be something the team looks into in the future, but her scaling is correct currently.


Use 100 gold crates is useless when you can’t buy 100 gold crates.


The team is working on buy 100 gold crates.


Hey guys the 55% is happening again UGH

But she is so smol! :eye: :lips: :eye:
She is in size of a dog (Bolt).

Anyways, Gadget has same badges as Go Go, this never happened before that a new hero copied badges of older hero. So… um, wrong.

Only one badge in Y6 is different. Only that.

Yeah I can’t see anywhere how to open 100

I don’t remember this being mentioned.



Testing a new crate screen UI!


So many unsolicited things, even the inventory has changed a bit


It can’t be

(Used Ursula because they’re from the same franchise)

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I have confirmed that her scaling is currently correct.

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Well, can it be adjusted?


I have to say that I really like it; much better than having to scroll over to see the guild (and VIP) crate.


My update isnt working lol. Ur lucky

I mean, yeah, she’s small, and I’d like to see her scaling adjusted, but personally I can’t really think it’s a critical issue. :man_shrugging:

In the past, when my update would fail partway through downloading, I would always (a) reboot my device, and (b) confirm my network connectivity was stable and fast, or find a nearby network that was reliable. Being in a small mountain town meant that (b) was sometimes a challenge, but I’d always update successfully after doing one or both of those troubleshooting steps.

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That definitely is not correct. Only by comparing head-to-head with other human characters.

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By this picture, the size of her head (not hair, but head!) should be at least like Kermit or Darkwing. Barely half of that.

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