Update 4.7.01-A Patch Notes

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Update 4.7.01-A

Welcome to the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode 4.7.01-A Update! This release features new hero locations.

New Hero Locations and Content Adjustments

Please note the heroes in the Elite Campaign have been slightly adjusted.

Shop Rotations

  • All Token shop slots are now filled with Patchable heroes from past Franchise Trials!
  • All previous Token shop heroes have been returned to Elite Campaign.

Existing Heroes

  • Little John will be March’s Battle Pass Hero!

  • Luca & Alberto will be an event exclusive hero featured in contest rewards

  • Cinderella will be available in the VIP Crate

  • Mayor Bellwether will be available in the Guild Crate

  • Twenty-Two will only be available in Diamond Crates

  • Quasimodo is now in the City Watch Crate

Servers 1-14 Update

  • Chapter 65: “Tech Team Time” update!
    • Elite Campaign features: Yzma, Audrey Ramirez, Duff Killigan, and Prince Philip

Servers 21+ Update

  • Chapter 54: “Chaos Control” update!
    • Elite Campaign features:Duff Killigan, Audrey Ramirez, Prince Philip, and Jack Skellington

Content changes will rollover automatically at 5 AM CST on February 28th


1 and 13?

21 and 25?

Great news!!!
Can the chip drops be adjusted please?

Can we remove these from rotation please or shorten the rotation
9 weeks is way too long after the extended rotation already from Prize wall… :frowning:

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I’m a bit worried about whether this will make it even harder to get hero chips for new(ish) heroes, but still, a promising change, particularly for people who may not have had as much opportunity to accumulate loads of chips for older heroes who are now relevant once again.


… that should include Quasimodo and Bellwether, yes?


3 weeks in a role


22 is finally easy to get!
But Phoebus is temporarily unavailable…


And on that topic, it should include Cinderella as well? @samm

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Well, admittedly I’m not Samm, but as it’s the weekend and we’re highly unlikely to get an official answer before Monday (if then)…

Note that it doesn’t say that all Patchable heroes will be in Token shop slots. Excluding the shops with slots that refresh daily (or several times a day), there’s six shops, and currently three slots per shop. That’s 18 slots, which could easily be filled with Patchable heroes without even using all the older, generally-available ones, much less those that are newer and currently exclusive.

Maybe there will be more slots per shop going forward; maybe all shops will have their hero chip slots refreshed on a daily basis, without set heroes for three months per slot. I just don’t think it’s smart to get one’s hopes up that suddenly exclusive heroes will now be available in general shops when there’s been absolutely nothing said to imply that happening yet.


More updates others.

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Hmm… It means that Patch Heros from past seasons are comes to shop in Item shop?

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Get ready to prepare for an upcoming duo!


Am ready to go!!!

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it’s already here yayayayayayayyyyyy :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::blush::blush::blush:

What it does say it’s ALL the slots, this could also mean the badges and drinks will be removed and token shops will only sell hero chips and credits (they just make credits better so I doubt they will remove them).

Or just…

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Well, we’re about to end off February and start March once again. Exciting as usual, and I’m ready for the two elderly Muppets who were full of surprises!:partying_face:


Me too, can’t wait for them.


How can we have a new chapter without a cap raise? Or is the cap raise just not mentioned from now on?

I think Samm means all the hero-slots will be used by patchable heroes now. So it will likely mean that it are not the heroes that are currently in a crate or elsewhere exclusive place…

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Ummm I think Duff or Perry should be available in Elite Campaign then I guess.

For sure, exclusive heroes in shops are just Musketeer´s wild dreams that won´t happen.


The chapter already exist just they are advising you that they will change heroes that drops from elite campaign. It’s only that.


Thanks! This makes it much more clear what they meant :sweat_smile:

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