Update 5.9.01-A Patch Notes

I think this is a awesome update. Though I can’t help but think about the new heroes coming one day. Hopefully Anne and Dr. Doofenshmirtz comes with his quote PERRY THE PLATYPUS!!

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second. :eyes:


Are yall seriously going to make the owl house and the jungle book invincible again? Like, the nightmare before christmas and piratea of the caribean didn’t even needed this refresh, they are balances in current meta, yall should balance the characters who are unbalenced (aka eda, luz and shere khan) first, and then go for the other ones. Eda is literally going to be invincible, now we just have luz and shere khan to actually help to win against eda.

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Miguel isn’t going to be bad, he always has been good lol.

@TheGrillFather is the discord officially dead? Or are you not supposed to write at all there, neither anyone of the support? :thinking:


Daisy prize wall again?!?!?

She never had one

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They even didn’t list the stat decrease, and expanded cooldown for each.

It was Snow White instead. Daisy was the 4th anniversary hero.

When will be the next client update?

When the new hero comes out in April.


The new season patch trial looks pretty good. And I’m looking forward for this upcoming prize wall!:+1:
Also, Happy early St. Patrick’s Day! :shamrock:


Personally, I don’t think the newer heroes need stat nerfs. They need kit nerfs. There’s no reason a single skill should have so many effects.

Look at Rex for example, he’s not terrible, but a single skill from a new hero has more team buffs and enemy debuffs than his entire kit. Replace Rex with any hero released before the last 2 years and it’s still the same. There’s no team building since newer heroes just do so much more. We shouldn’t have jacks of all trades that are also masters of them all. The tactical theorycrafting is what made this game great. Huge roster with many combos and synergies has been completely replaced with the mentality of just throwing new heroes at any team.

@TheGrillFather , I know that balancing is a focus right now, but this is still the wrong direction. The underlying issue is this power creep hole that y’all have dug yourself into in order to entice players to spend money on newer toons since they’re so much better. They need to be an option, not a necessity. Their absurd kits are the problem.


Awesome job on this, keep up the good work😇


I hope we get Kion from the Lion King!

Hevi Kabisa!

I hope we get a new character soon, hopefully tommorrow will be Patch Notes 6.0 and we will get Kion!


I’m with you there, hopefully indeed
And that’s not a bad idea, having another lion king character like Kion in the game, I hope that Anne Boonchuy comes in one day.


Agreed - this is especially visible with Eda. If nothing else add some boosts to the older heros. I mean, look at the difference in friendship disks:

Merida (Elastigirl)

Yax (Finnick)

These disks look really bad compared to newer heros such as,

Pegasus (Hercules)

Eda (Meilin)

Even if the numbers are brought into relative alignment, the amount of boosts and benefits provided in newer hero disks are supremely better. In many cases the same kind of difference can be observed in skills too.


They only come on Fridays

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I 1000% agree with this. It sort of aligns with my thoughts in the rebalancing of heroes. If you’re going to spend all this time dedicated to that effort, the priority should be the hero skill kit and the disk effects as these are what ultimately determine the Meta AND the endless loops that cause time- out fails in arena, war, friendship missions, etc…

There’s no reason there should be so many effects on all these new heroes while older heroes are sitting with single effects that are rendered useless.

We also need detailed breakdowns of changes being made to heroes. Nothing good ever comes from undisclosed details. All it allows is room for error and no accountability and then more time for additional “rebalancing” and “QOL improvements”.



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