Update for Amazon?

Where is the last update for Amazon devices? I’m waiting since yesterday and can’t even play… it says it will be in the store shortly… when is that @Polaris

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Waiting too…

If everything would just work that good and fast like it’s possible when it’s about nerfing would be awesome

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What is the issue that keeps Amazon from approving these updates? Is this going to be a regular thing?

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Mhm. I figured perblue would just make The game experience worse for me. first the deals are unacceptable! Then i can’t play or chat with my friends. :roll_eyes:

Any news @Polaris?

There must be something wrong… It’s days ago…

Speak to Amazon or something


Yes still no sign of an update… that’s actually not tolerable! We can’t even log in since the update…

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Come on perblue, i know yo can do better. F in the chat for the people who can’t play.

Lol, now is weekend and pb did nothing…

Blabla we can’t do anything blabla…

I played a lot of online games, in no other game ever happend that before,

Feels like u just don’t want to anything, this is really ridiculous

I hope you all are complaining just as much to Amazon as you are to PB. It’s been submitted to them for approval; whether or not there’s anything PB can do to speed up that process is unknown. I’m very frustrated with having guild members locked out for any period of time… we need them in war and surge.

Hopefully this doesn’t become a regular thing… I’d hate to see people leave over this.

unfortunately its for amazon to do sort out, pb could chase it up but depends on situation at amazon ultimately

I got answer from Amazon support, looks like it’s not Amazon who makes the problem…

Here is the msg ( i used Google translater from german to English)

Have a nice good evening, Mr xxxxxx,

Thank you for taking the time to write us about Game Disney Heroes.

I have double checked it for you and can hereby confirm that you are right and that this game is currently not supported on Amazon.

I will be happy to do what I can to make this game possible.

This is not a problem with Amazon. Here developers have to publish their licenses on Amazon!


So what you say? Nearly one week, and pb is not possible to fix it?

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It´s Saturday. You really expect an answer during the weekend?

According to a very close friend (and fellow forum member) amazon has no idea what they are doing. The company may have produced the richest man alive but they don’t know what they’re doing half the time and its definitely 100% in know way on per blues end

@Numi_S1 i do expect an answer on Saturday, but from the people who are just looking at forums and happen to see my question

Didn’t ask you, but okey, I guess… :man_shrugging:

@Polaris why is the game still not in Amazon store? You will not Release it anymore for Amazon? It’s a shame to wait so long for one update and not be able to collect our daily rewards… how would you compensate us for this lost?

As for the compensation I dare say that all Amazon players will receive a compensation package when you can finally play again.

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Thank you Polaris…

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Amazon update finally here!

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? Don’t see it

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