Very weak BO peep

I don’t know why BO Peep is very weak. But she is my greatest heroes i have, I already worked with her. But in in invasion is very easy to KO. I thought if Bo peep have a disk and mode she will become stronger, I don’t understand. I have joy disk and also mode i i have also woody disk but what happened?

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She’s intended to be fragile, and her damage done (as her allies) is much lower because her Woody disk was nerfed.

Maleficent is bad choice for boss battle, kick her and add Meg, Bo won’t die so easily after this change.

Bo Peep is one of the best heroes in the game. But I hardly ever use her in Invasion.

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I understand but why i use joy for her I don’t know if it works for her?

You could replace Bo Peep with Hercules. He’s great for Invasion…

Bo Peep is one of the best heroes for slaying bots. You can forget about using her Joy disk, Mama’s lasers are counted as melee so it’s literally useless. Her Woody disk can increase your team’s damage by up to 75%, there’s really only upsides to using it here.
As Musket said, pair her with Megara to keep her alive. Though if you can max out Stitch’s Maui disk, you won’t even need to worry about survivability since Mama will be frozen almost the entire time.

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I know what do you mean. But i am telling why BO peep is weak this is already bond with joy , joy job is to heal or a healer but why bo got so fast to KO? I tell also so when ever there’s an update Bo peep and her friends also will upgrade or update a new one. Have already played 209 days , i am not a new player that complain about nothing. Okey

As you can see here Bo did almost no damage to the mama bot. She is indeed very weak, and needs a refresh urgently

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Yeah i am telling maybe there’s a problem in my heroes. Or there’s a bug.? How can it be weak ?

I think the problem you’re talking about is survivability, not damage. She usually dies in a few hits, that’s nothing unusual. Just pair her with Megara or Stitch with a maxed Maui disk, and she’ll be fine.

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I don’t understand… if I choose what’s my heroes to pair with ? I though this only available? If I change with no multiple? Maybe low power?

Stitch’s Maui disk can slow Mama down to the point where it can’t attack, or Megara can link with Bo and keep her alive that way. Since Meg doesn’t have powerups as this is special Invasion and you don’t have Stitch’s disk, your only real option is to continue using Joy.

And as you can see in my post above, Bo and Joy can work togheter. You have to make sure Bo is the one to get Joy her shield (blue skill), because the mama bot isn’t able to destroy that when Joy has quite a few power-ups.

So that’s a tip for the next time a special invasion comes along.

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