Video game trivia!

Welcome to my new trivia! This is in inspiration from Disney and Pixar trivia.
Here we go!
Today is a special day for what video game character?

Mario, and ironically I have made a concept of him to celebrate that lol


Which game became popular?
Fall guys or among us?

…both did

Which one actually…

One became more popular

…make sure your wording is better

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Correct about that thing! How do you make that icon? I tried but can’t make it right.

Moving on…
True or False
Nintendo confirmed a 3rd fighters pass in the future

It’s not confirmed yet so false


In what year did My Singing Monsters got released?

In 2012?



There’s a character that has a same color as Woody Woodpecker, and a giant roc from Popeye. What is his name?

Cup head is the game

Yes, it is from Cuphead, but what is his name?

Wally warbles

That’s correct

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