Villain ideas

villain: negaduck
TV show: Darkwing Duck

“first, saint canard tomorrow, the world. I always wanted to say that”

white skill: anvil surprise
An anvil suddenly falls on an enemy’s head stunning it for 5 seconds and dealing true damage.

green skill: screeching chalkboard
Negaduck scratches a chalkboard releases a high pitched screech silencing enemies for 6 seconds.

blue skill: Duck!
Negaduck dodges a melee attack and counters it with his chainsaw hitting the enemy 1-5 times over 2 seconds dealing damage.

purple skill: major criminal
Negaduck gains extra armor

Position: front
Role: damage


Hades (underworld duck)
Disk power 1: negaduck gains X armor
Disk power 2: “duck!” And “screeching chalkboard” deals 5% more damage. (5% per star)

Jack skellington (all tricks no treats)
Disk power 1:“Anvil surprise” deal x more damage
Disk power 2: negaduck gains a shield for 20% of damage done by “anvil surprise” (20% per star)

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Don’t edit-bump it. If it was going to become popular, it would’ve when everyone first saw it.

Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz, he’s funny, smart, and had his own YouTube channel at one point. Why wouldn’t you put them in the game?

…because there are characters that deserve it more. Dr. Facilier is mine.

Yep, there are a lot of villains that can terror the battlefield, especially Facilier and Jafar. Yet my pick is Claude Frollo(Don’t remember how many times I said it on this forum lol):fire: