Villianday trials resets way too expensive for Stamina

Why is the staminia resets so expensive?!?! I used to enjoy doing the trials and it was reasonably priced in staminia costs. Which I was willing to use. But the last 3 trials that needed staminia resets. I wasn’t willing to use because they were so unreasonably high. The last 3 trials costed 17m, then 7m now 12m. It would wipe out my staminia. If there’s a way to bring it back to being more reasonable. Then I would be more than happy to use it. But it seems like it’s just to get us to spend money more and more. It’s one of the reasons why we keep losing good players in the game. The game is getting to expensive to play and we’re getting priced out. I understand need to make money for the game to continue, but make it more affordable and we be willing to do so. Just my thoughts.


Agree, not sure what the goal is with these reset cost increases

People will spend much more stamina resetting a 3M trial 15 times than they will resetting a 12M trial… 0 times :stuck_out_tongue: :man_shrugging: which I’d have thought will be the case for most people who aren’t ultra whales

Rewards no longer equate to ‘good value’ either - if the goal was to deplete people’s stamina, it wouldn’t be so bad if the rewards had been increased proportionately, but it’s… just worse :frowning:


One thing to notice.
Olaf border trial was 17M reset for 1 try.
New Year trial was 17M reset for 3 tries.
Weekend trial was 7M for 1 try.
This one is 12.6M for 2 tries.

Basically it´s a sink for excess stamina of whales, nothing more.
If whales didn´t play that cat and mouse thing, then special trial events will be either adjusted to be more accessible or die as a way of introducing new costumes and borders.


Thank you for sharing your concerns about the Event Trials reset cost. We appreciate your feedback and will consider it as we strive to create a more enjoyable and affordable gaming experience for our players.

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I don’t know for sure that this is the case, but it does seem the most reasonable explanation.

Although what I find odd is that the costs skyrocketed from “heck yeah, I’m buying all the resets” to “lol no, not even one”, without pausing anywhere along the “hmm, is this something I’d find worthwhile” range of values.


I appreciate your concern regarding the Event Trial reset cost. The paid resets offer valuable rewards. The reset costs are determined by analyzing player data and will be adjusted accordingly. Your feedback is invaluable, and I want to assure you that we take it seriously. I will make sure to share it with our team for careful consideration.

I am not sure about this part. The question here is… are the rewards worth more than raiding for bits? And in that I would say not really…

Yes, but there are many people that buy deals. And if you have many $100s, some $20-50s and some $0s, the average will be around that $20-50 range.

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Thank you for actually responding and considering what I think. It’s nice to know you guys are listening.

If its to balance it out, that doesn’t really work. Some spend alot and some don’t spend at all. It kind of hurts the guys in the middle. The guys who don’t spend, won’t spend. I see it all the time in global talk. The guys who dump trucks loads of money don’t care. It’s the middle group that gets affected by the two. I happen to fall in that middle group. I’ll spend money, but only when it’s reasonably priced. Otherwise I’ll end up in that group that won’t spend anything anymore. Which I don’t want to do. I like playing this game.

2-6-24 The day PB said screw you to the people

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