VIP benefits needs an update

@Nugget could the team please look at updating some of the VIP benefits, since it is highly unlikely that more VIP levels are coming at this stage of the game lifespan.

Main pain points are:

  • skill point cap (20 at level 5, 30 at level 14, 40 at 18)
  • skills that do not require skill points (30 at level 5, 35 at level 7, 40 at level 9, 45 at level 11, 50 at 13, 55 at level 15, 60 at level 17, 65 at 19)
  • heroes start at level (10 at level 7, 20 at level 9, 30 at 13, 40 at 18)
  • stamina storage (500 at level 16, 1000 at 18)

All of these are about 3 years outdated and should be doubled or tripled at least

Having a hero start at level 40 at VIP 18 is so insignificant it can just be removed as a benefit.
It is like buying a house and getting a 2$ pen as a bonus gift

There is another thread on skill points, these are deterring players from advancing quickly enough and therefore losing interest quickly - please look at this if you want new players to keep playing

Also, can we update city watch raid passes being received, we have no use for easy or medium raid passes, but we still get one every few days, why?

What about adding benefits for red skill, battle badges, patches?
Getting a second and third battle badge enhancement for free at VIP 8 and VIP 16 might get people to spend more for example)

These benefits have really not been keeping up with the rest of the game, more so than all the other areas that have not kept up (invasion, heist, stamina cost, gold cost, red skills costs, mods, hero chips, etc etc etc), and it is sad…


@Nugget any feedback on this?
Is the team looking into it?
Or is this something that will not be changed?

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