Virus Claimed Season 2

Ok, this a Season 2 post for Virus Claimed since, @Cookie101 left forums a while back, so me & @Here-to-stay will be finishing up this series! Hope you enjoy!

Season: 2

Episode 7: Begin the beginning

Months Of Research, Finally It Comes To This!” Hiro Said As He Was Holding A Blue Syrum, “This Is What We Can Use To Stop Scar From Taking Over The City!” Hiro Shouted In Accomplishment. Hiro And Baymax We’re Trying To Come Up With A Way TO Stop The Evil Scar From Taking Over Hero City. “The City Is Now Saved!” Hiro Shouted. But He Did Not Relize What He Had Just Done.

Hiro Acidentally Spilled The Syrum All Over Baymax, “Oh No” Baymax Calmly Said Before He Fell To The Ground. Hiro Asked Baymax, “Bay… B… B… Baymax…?”

Baymax Quickly Lifted Up His Body And Stood Up. He Didn’t Look Like His White Fluffyness Self, he Was Blue With Red Eyes. “Purge The… ERRORS!” Baymax Had Said. Baymax Tried To Hurt Hiro. But He Escaped. Hiro Ran And Ran.

Hours Later, He Saw People Who Looked Just Like Baymax, But He Did See Two Individals That Did Not Look Like An Others. It Was A Rat, With A Big Red Battery Pack On His Back. And Baby In A Red Jumpsuit. Hiro Did Not Care, So He Kept Running And Running Through The Dimly Lit Streets Of Hero City. “In Here!” A Voice Said. Hiro Looked Up, And Saw A Man With A Purple Hat And Cloak. Hiro Asked Him, “Who Are You Sir?” The Man Replied With. “Im The Terror That Flaps In The Night! I Am, Darkwing Duck…!”

“Now Get Up Here So I Can Save You!” Hiro Followed Darkwing Into The Blank Building Infront Of Him. “Now, We Need To Get Out Of This City!” Darkwing And Hiro, Left The Building They Were In.

They Ran And Ran Through The Streets, Until They Came Across, A Black Car With Blue Striping And A Red Circle. “Holy Crap! This Is The Incredible Car!” Hiro Said In Excitement.

The Two Hopped Into The Car And Drove, The Two Kept Driving Until They Ran Out Of Gas. “We Have To GO Old School!” Darkwing Said. Darkwing And Hiro Hopped Out Of The Car, And Began Running Toward Nothing But A Plain Field. The Two Ran Until They Could No Longer See The Incredible Car.

Chapter 8: And guess..

Chapter 8: And Guest…
“And Guest…”

“Who… Wh… O… Who Are You?” Megavolt Said In Confusion. “Where’s The Baby?” The Person Exclaimed. Gaston Was Standing Staring At The Figure. He Could Make It Out As A Short Woman, With Round Black Hair.

The Group Were Asking Themselves Who This Woman Is. Merida Asked Her, “Answer His Question! Who Are You?” The Woman Stepped Fourth To Merida, “Edna…. Mode. Now You Answer My Question!” “The Baby?” Megavolt Asked. “Yes! Jack Jack!” Edna Replied. Megavolt Began To Speak But Couldn’t “He’s H… Hee…. He…”

“Infected” Donald Told Her. “He’s What? No He Cannot Be! He Is Fricking Jack Jack!” Edna Screamed. “Well We Are Fixing To Leave, Your Welcome To Come, Edna” Bo Told Her. Edna Replied With “sure but on one condition!”

Episode 9:But on one condition!

Donald spoke up first “ok…what are your conditions!” Bo peep looked at donald “donald…we haven’t decided whether to let her or not”

Enda was about to speak when all of a sudden, there was a loud bang near the closed entrance which made enda jump
“I’ll tell you guys later”, everyone got into fighting posing as a bunch of loud bangs and growls were heard and Donald was freaking out.

“Brace yourselves!!!” Merida said as the door opened.

The heroes started to lunge at whatever was at the door but then they stopped as they stared at the two was at the entrance, “who are you two!!! Friend or foe!!!” Merida said, aiming her bow at the unseen duo!

Main Cast

Megavolt: (Status: Uninfected) (Group: N/A) :battery:
Gaston: (Status: Uninfected) (Group: N/A) :deer:
Merida: (Status: Uninfected) (Group: N/A) :bow_and_arrow:
Donald Duck: (Status: Uninfected) (Group: N/A) :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Bo Peep: (Status: Uninfected) (Group: N/A) :sheep:
Edna Mode: (Status: Uninfected) (Group: N/A) :dress:
Hiro: (Status: Uninfected) (Group: N/A) :robot:
Darkwing Duck: (Status: Uninfected) (Group: N/A) :superhero:



@Cookie101: Creator
@SpiderHog : Producer
@Here-to-stay Writer/Story board


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