Voice of community #1 : GOLD

It’s new heading where I’ll post votes where our community can show their view on each thing in game.

PerBlue, here you can see what community REALLY NEED.

First theme for voting is GOLD.

  1. What do you think about gold cost for badges?
  • Gold cost for badges is fine
  • Gold cost for badges sometimes is expensive
  • I think this thing should be removed

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  1. What do you think about gold cost for skills?
  • Gold cost for skills is too expensive
  • Gold cost for skills is fine

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  1. What do you think about scaling in gold cost for skills?
  • It’s awful
  • It sometimes annoy
  • It’s fine
  • I think this thing should be decreased or removed

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  1. What do you think about getting gold in Surge?
  • It’s fine
  • It’s sometimes not enough
  • It’s awful

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  1. What do you think about getting gold in Port?
  • It’s fine
  • It’s awful

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  1. What do you think about getting a gold in CW?
  • It’s fine
  • It’s awful

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These are a great idea. All of the thoughts condensed down into polls with many questions that are easy to answer and understand, instead of many complaints all the time.

If you are reading this comment, I just want you to know that you get more gold selling XP bottles from the port than by selling credits


Upcoming: Nerf of XP bottles from port so players will have gold from Warehouse bigger than from Docks’ XP drinks. :upside_down_face:

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what do u mean by upcoming?

I’m just gonna be honest here. Getting gold in surge is pretty much awful because once you hire a high leveled merc, you can’t get gold back after hiring and even if i post low level mercs, it’s most likely that they won’t be hired. Getting gold in CW is pretty much awful in terms of the difficulty and the wards and i have to keep raiding hard depending on the wards in epic CW. getting gold in port is fine, but it’s hard to take down higher dfficulties. Skill costs is very expensive per skill level including unlocking the red skill.

  1. Sometimes (often) too expensive - skills should be the primary gold sink
  2. Fine - see above. There are plenty of ways to earn gold, the problem is they don’t give enough.
  3. Fine - see above.
  4. Not enough in the new surge beta. Needs to be scaled by 1.5 across the board at least, and reward some of it instantly.
  5. I wouldn’t say awful, but the scaling seems too low.
  6. Too low for the effort required compared to raiding port, which is already low. Double CW gold events aren’t appealing enough because double of little is still little.

This thread is somewhat biast to the creator. Yes sometimes the return on gold can be bad but what is it based on?? Your team level? Your actual set point in game??

Point is, the gold for some of the modes is fine for the return. Its everything else thats the problem.

They need to simply set the gold level lower for skills, put them in level brackets, and then it ls sorted.

As for badges side, I get more cost for higher ranks but its far too much at the minute thats why it needs a squish. Both for stamina and gold combined.

All these values are implied compared between required costing of skills, badges and getting a gold in different modes in game. I’m on 165 level, but I think most of players, specially on high levels, are huge lacking in gold in all places where gold is required.
Actually for knowing what is percent of
such players I made this topic.

Gold return isn’t the problem. I’ve said this in my last post. The problem is PB isn’t adjusting the game when it comes to good, xp, stamina as content comes out.

Your port should be giving you 2 mill+ when its up.
City watch gives 1.5mill if you manage to do it.
Surge gives 150k+ depending on wave and region.
All this is dependent on your heroes, etc etc.

Only place that lacks gold return is the campaign and elite campaign. Because you get 1000 gold if that.

So the gold return overall isn’t the problem, the problem is how PB expects to use it. It only stretches so much.

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I think at 130 skill cost should cap at a certain amount of gold and not scale anymore

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