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So here’s how you play every week I will put up a hero name that is new you chat to see which ones will be the most wanted. Ready? Here’s the first one.
Stinky Pete
Mary Popens
Kim Posable
Lighting McQueen
Vote now!

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Do you know how to make a poll? And, it’s Mary Poppins and Kim Possible.

And I’m pretty sure must people will choose Bill Cipher and Kim.


Consdireing the facts out off all them there have been on lighting mcqueen and that cars is the biggest pixar franchise lighting mcqueen would be the most wanted all off the 3 charthers from garavity falls may not be added beacuse off copyrights stinky pete wouldnt be wanted toy story frachise is the franchise from which we have the most charthers 8 charthers fear and pigglet wouldnt have high chances to coming anotherwise they would come with the charthers from the same franchise they belong to from the concepts made on pete and mary popens they are not very wanted kim possible was confirmed the thing is its unknown when she will be added so requesting her isnt needed

Are you an alt of someone?

To you, but to everyone else, most likely Kim or Bill

We can still request her because she’s taking a while

Maybe a few people, like me, also want them in the game

Piglet has a higher chance because he’s more major.

Please don’t make your statement as a run on, add periods or make paragraphs. :grimacing:

Just covreed the facts so its biass as you maybe thinking it would if i didnt explained why

Maybe try to not make run on sentences to make yourself more clear.

I was hoping for Alameda Slim and Yen Sid to be in the game

Due to lake of voting another one will not come out!

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