Vote for one of this characters for next update!


Chicken Little
Robin Hood
Peter Pan
Winnie The Pooh
Roger Rabbit

The deal is, you can only comment with a name. You cannot add, or comment more than one. Nope. Choose one. This is not official. But if they hear us, perhaps they will add it!!

Let the voting begin


My vote goes for Tarzan



…20 characters


Hard decision for me to make because I like both Winnie the Pooh and chicken little but for now I vote Winnie the Pooh :slightly_smiling_face:


There are plenty of this topic foe voting new characters, so i don’t think this will change anything. Probably they are already working on a new one. Just w8 them to release the news.

Btw roger rabbit is the best :smile:





Extra words to get post to 20 characters


Definitely Scar or Hercules!
Hercules would be a great Tank and Scar would have a Control Role most probably!


Goofy with a shield ( cough cough) … kingdom Hearts


I want to see Winnie the Pooh beat people up, so I vote Winnie


You have to choose one sir


Roger rabbit and then maybe Jessica rabbit


Maleficent yayyy of course


Maleficent and for the near future Darth Vader, cuz they both need a date


My vote is Winnie the Pooh I think he would be really cool in the game



Just trying to get the the 20 mark


Those are some really odd choices for characters, with a few exceptions. Roger Rabbit isn’t even Disney! Characters from Big Hero 6, Up, Inside Out, Frozen, Tangled, and even Cars would be a better pick, mainly because it fits the game’s theme.


Yo voto por Scarrrr!!!


Winie the Pooh because why not?


Maleficient or baloo :slight_smile: