Vote for one of this characters for next update!


Why wouldn’t he be damage?


Or Scar


Please add Rescue Rangers. Have a two for one character, like Chip & Dale and they do attacks that show an animation of them say Dale is used as an arrow by Chip to hit the enemy or something.



My vote roger rabbit


Peter pan es un buen personaje para el juego


Omg I loveeee Winnie the pooh , you’ve added stitch now to see Winnie the pooh, will love to see what he does and his skills! Would also love if you could get the characters easier xx like in diamond crate or shops!:slight_smile::heart: love this game so much! And seeing it progress!


Mate, please read first post and vote accordingly


He may be in the game sooner than you think!


He said in his post “Two for one character” so he didn’t really break the rules of your post. You said vote for ONE, he wants a two for ONE.


Star wars will not be added


I vote baloo,hope it will win


I honestly would have to vote for Robin hood! Would fit well with the other characters!


My vote comes To maleficient Roger rabbit and scar , we need more vilains


1villains are great!!


Yup tag team characters. Would allow the devs to have more fun abilities and allow them to release more characters that way. Also I think it’d be hilarious to see!

Even Huey, Luey &Dewey can be one character. Each one does a different skill and the final special is all 3 of them working together.


I vote for Peter Pan!!!


Hercules would be a cool addition


Maleficent. My vote is for Maleficent


I would love to see timon/pumba combo, peter pan, robin hood, Merlin, and king Arthur. These classics should be included… please make it happen


gOOFy I’m not sorry the 20 chr thing is annoying