Votes for new charcters


Thumper and flower from Bambi, Sebastian from mermaid. Fox and hound.
If we can put in tron characters and shank, then we can get some classic characters as well please.


I love ur suggestions. I would add thumper and flower from Bambi and Sebastian from mermaid


I would love to see some Star Wars characters death Vader and Luke skywalker or go new with Rey and Kylo ren could use them as control or damage with attacks like Jedi mind control, the force, attack with light Saber


Basic attack:bites enemies
Bolt barks at the enemies, creating an earth wave that damages and knocks back enemies.
Green:Bolt! Zoom, Zoom!
Bolt dashes through enemies causing damage to each enemy and invisible to attacks.
When a projectile is about to hit bolt. He has a 50% chance to catch it and redirects it back to the enemy.
Purple:good boy
Bolt praises himself, boosting his attack and attack speed.
Friends:nick Wilde and you guys think whose best for bolt as friend


I don’t know which all heros we have considering I’ve been playing maybe 4 days max on server 16, but Mighty Joe Young, Bambi, Pocahontas, Ratatouille, Santa Clause, Frozen, 101 Dalmations just looking through movies I can see. I know he’s not Disney related, but maybe Sponge Bob?


I think we could start thinking of characters from obscure pieces of Disney Media to feature in later updates. I’ll throw in my 2 cents: Atlantis: The Lost Empire.


Not to be rude, I don’t think Atlantis will make it in. Perhaps a bit too obscure.


At least dat movie has a badge.


Touché. But maybe not for heroes :wink:


Fans like me can dream, at least but I respect your opinion.


My vote.