Voyd Hero Concept Refreshed

This is a hero I posted over a year ago when I was new at this and decided to give it another go but make skill changes.

Voyd from Incredibles 2

Voyd uses her quick Warping and Portal creating skills to control the battle field and take her enemies out.

“You guys aren’t safe, Deavor sent me to take you”

Role- Control
Position- Backline.
Team- Red


White- Surprise
Voyd enters multiple portals and quickly strikes 3 enemies with the highest energy from behind dealing X damage, Stunning for 7 seconds, and removing 250 energy from each. Voyd returns to her original location afterwards. (Fantastic)

Green- Interdimensional
Voyd places a Vortex below the enemy with the most buffs snaring them and removing 100 energy per sec for 6 seconds. If there are no buffs Voyd targets the enemy with the most energy

Blue- Void Warp
When Voyd reaches 50% health she warps into a portal behind the enemy line distracting them gaining a shield for X and 75% attack speed for 10 seconds. After 10 seconds Voyd warps back to her original location.

Purple- Alternate Universe
Every 3 basic attacks Voyd changes her damage type in a cycle as follows Normal, Fantastic and True. Void also stores 5% of enemy damage and applies them to every 3rd basic attack up to 50% bonus damage.

Red- Into the Void
Interdimensional will target an additional enemy removing 1 buff from each and giving it to Voyd adding 5 more seconds to each buff.


Ian- Increase stun on Surprise by 1 second and remove 25 more energy.
Disk upgrade-+1 sec +25 more energy per Upgrade
Power disk-+ Reality. +Skill power.
Disk- Magical Journey. Voyd and Ian set out on an adventure to find new magic and learn new skills.

Violet- Voyd gains 10% bonus armor equal to her health and 10% more attack speed on Void Warp.
Disk upgrade- +5% armor and reality +10% more attack speed per Upgrade
Power disk- + Max HP for Red team allies. +Basic damage.
Disk- Hero Training. Voyd and Violet seek help from all types of heroes to finally become permanent super heroes.

If this goes well I will post my other heroes from the movie I have been working on for a couple years. And if you have any suggestions or questions please let me know :smiley:

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