Vulcan Concept



Aid to Zeus, the god of fire uses his mighty mallet and crafting skills to aid his allies.

Role: Support
Position: Front
Team: Red

Basic Attack: Whacks an enemy with his mallet.

Entrance: Floats down on a cloud then hops off.

Victory: Smiles and holds up a lightning bolt.

Defeat: Frowns and drops his hammer


White Skill: God’s Aid

Vulcan places a lightning bolt on an anvil and starts hammering it, silencing all enemies for 8 seconds.
He then tosses the lightning bolt to the enemy with the lowest Basic Damage, increasing their Basic Damage by X.

Green Skill: Lightning Bolt

Fantastic Damage :sparkles:
Vulcan makes a lightning bolt then tosses it at the furthest enemy, dealing X Damage and stunning them for 6 seconds.

Blue Skill: Stormy Night

Fantastic Damage :sparkles:
A storm begins and rains down on the field, dealing X Damage to all enemies and cleansing up to two debuffs from allies.

Purple Skill: God Of Fire

Vulcan is immune to Damage over time skills. Each time an enemy would target him with Damage over time, he gains X Skill Power

This can fail against enemies above level X.

Red Skill: Pleaser Of Gods

Each time a Damage role Ally receives damage, that ally gains X Skill Power. Each time Vulcan uses God’s Aid, he creates two additional lightning bolts. Each lightning bolt increases the ally’s Basic Damage by X.

The additional Skill Power can fail against enemies above level X.

+X Skill Power
+Y Max HP
+Z Damage to Stormy Night


Electrical Aid
Vulcan and Megavolt
Healing when KO’ing

Disk Power

  • +X Max HP


  • Vulcan and his allies heal for X HP whenever they KO an enemy.
    (Plus Y HP per star)

Allies: Kim Possible, Dash, Maximus

Petty God
Vulcan and Hades
Improved Basic Attacks

Disk Power

  • +X Reality


  • Every 6 Basic Attacks stun the enemy for 6 seconds.
    (Minus 1 Basic Attack per star)

Allies: Winnie The Pooh, The Mad Hatter, The Evil Queen


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Love it 10/10

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And I thought he would be friend with Hercules

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The reason that he has a friendship with Hades instead of Hercules us because Zues is technically the villain from his segment of Fantasia.

Okay then.

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