Wait, That's not Right

I just realized this. Anna and Elsa are not friends. That’s the craziest thing on the game that I have seen yet. If you know why, please tell. It just doesn’t make sense.

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Lilo isn’t friends with Stitch.

Zeus isn’t friends with Hercules.

They won’t always go for the obvious Friendship Campaign choices, and quite frankly, I much prefer it that way.

Also, the only characters who have Friendship Campaigns with 2 characters from the same franchise as themselves are some of the early-game characters (Woody, Mr. Incredible, etc.).


And Elsa is main part of the Manticore friendship anyway.


Each hero is always friends with 1 of their Franchise and one outside of the Franchise. They can’t be friend with everyone in the Franchise sadly. So Olaf it is! Besides Anna wasn’t even in the game when Elsa got released, so they couldn’t have been friends at that time.

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