Wander over yonder. Commander peepers concept

“This planet is now under control of lord hater”
Commander peepers may be small but he has an indomitable watchdog army to back him up.

1 star control. Backline
Blue team.
Entrance: commander peepers walks into the fight then he trips and gets back up
Victory: Commander peepers does a huzzah hand gesture
Defeat: Commander peepers tears up
Basic attack: Commander peepers fire from his ray gun.

White skill frostonium ray.
Passive: Commander peepers has a 25% chance to gain 1-10 stacks of watchdog whenever he damages an enemy. Commander’s basic attack also deals damage over 1-4 seconds. Commander peepers deals 5% more damage and has +5% more attack speed (no max for each) for every 2 stacks of watchdog

Active: Commander peepers fires from his frostonium ray dealing x normal damage for 5 seconds to all enemies and having a 65% chance to freeze all enemies for 4 seconds for each hit.

Green skill The plan the plan: Commander peepers comes up with a plan at the start of each wave to decrease the movement speed of the enemy with the highest attack stat by 120% and decreases the skill power by 40% while he is alive.
This has a chance to be 1/2 as effective if the enemy is higher than level x

Blue skill watchdog support

Commander peepers calls some watchdogs to shoot from the skullship dealing x fantastic damage for 5 seconds. This deals an extra 10% damage per stack of watchdog on commander peepers

PURPLE Skill Indomitable

Commander peepers has +5% max health and +x skill power per stack of watchdog on him.

Red skill Sir!

Commander peepers is immune to charm.

Commander peepers deals x bonus damage with frostonium ray per stack of watchdog on him.

If commander peepers is koed while he has 20 or more stacks of watchdog he loses all stacks of watchdog and revives with x hp

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Pretty good so far! :+1:

Thank you. I just made the monkey

I’m not even gonna say “You can’t revive dead topics” because you’re the creator of the post.
But I can’t believe you took a year to respond and how do you even stumble across this comment all that while?

I haven’t been on that forum ever since I got my fandom account. I had Time to make like 2 concepts though

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