Wander over yonder emperor awesome


“Now everybody in this lame universe will know that nobody partys harder than emperor awesome”

Bio emperor awesome party animal now partys so hard that his enemies can’t handle the beat

Stars 1

Role midline damage

Trial team yellow

Entrance emperor awesome dances into the battlefield

Victory emperor awesome flex’s his arm muscles

Defeat emperor awesome crys and his crown falls off

Basic attack emperor awesome blasts with his speakers without his speakers he just punches an enemy

White skill bring this planet down passive: instead of a basic attack emperor awesome parties to his speakers which deal x damage to all enemies and his speakers have x hp to his enemies while emperor awesome is partying he is immune to debuffs and gains + 50 energy while attacking when they are destroyed emperor awesome punches active emperor awesome brings 2 giant speakers if both speakers are still active and party’s harder until he runs out of energy while partying harder emperor awesome deals x fantastic damage to all enemies and gains 50-120 energy when he damages an enemy if there are no speakers emperor awesome repairs them

Green skill awesome awesome! Or crownorang Emperor awesome speakers get their volumes turned up dealing x fantastic damage to all enemies silencing them for 7 seconds without the speakers emperor awesome throws his crown like a boomerang dealing x normal damage to 1 enemy the damage increases by x per 8% hp he is missing

The silence has a chance to fail against enemies above level x

Blue skill knuckleheads! While emperor awesome’s speakers are active he calls a big knuckledhead which deals x normal damage per hit and has x hp emperor awesome and his speakers are invincible while that knucklehead is active and emperor awesome gains 250 energy if it is koed if the speakers are destroyed emperor awesome summons up to 3 smaller knuckleheads that deal x normal damage and x hp and have 20% more attack speed than the big knucklehead

Purple skill party harder

While partying emperor awesome is immune to charms and redirects 15% of the damage dealt to his speakers and him to all enemies as true damage

The true damage and charm immunity has a chance to fail against enemies above level x

Red skill party animal

Emperor awesome has 20% increased attack speed and has 4 speakers emperor awesome has x armor increase per speaker and has a 15% to sap enemies with his basic attack

Crown o rang now stuns and damages nearby enemies for 7 seconds

Bring this planet down repairs now increase emperor awesomes attack speed by 150% for 11 seconds
Emperor awesome’s attack speed is increased by 75% and basic damage increased by x when his speakers are destroyed and he gains 600% armor and skill power while his speakers are destroyed

The stun and sap has a chance to fail against enemies above level x

Friendship with lord hater

Lord hater is very angry at emperor for being in the same city as him so he and emperor awesome battle it out with lord hater using anger as a flamethrower and emperor awesome using ever as a laser gun

Friendship disk is called party rumble

While partying emperor awesome and his allies gains x skill power

Friendship with the made hatter

Emperor awesome and mad hatter have the unbirthday part of their lives

Disk is called uninvitation

Emperor awesome’s knuckleheads now apply 2 stacks of fatigue for 6 seconds to enemies they hit

Strategy if you want to party then party if you want to let out the rage while not partying don’t use your white skill but altogether emperor awesome takes the awesome cake in awesomeness so silence enemies and stuff

Classification it’s aoe all day baby also Sylvia is uncanceled

So u like i

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