War Matching

Can someone explain to me on how they choose who goes against who? Because my guild is ranked 18th in server 1. And we just went against a guild that is ranked 12 and lost. And now we are currently being matched against a guild who is rank 5th.
How does this make sense?

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The game chooses who you will face based on both your MMR and to a lesser extent your guild’s team power. For high ranking guild’s, the power gap between ranks is much greater than that of lower ranked guilds. Because the game tries to add some variety in the guild’s you face, at some point, a high ranking guild is bound to face another guild of much stronger power. This is coming from a player of the 17th ranked guild on server 1.

Well darn. My guild is going up against Plush Rush and we are gonna get demolished :joy::joy::joy:

Consider changing war matching to include both MMR and progression through the war season, similar to challenger. It doesn’t make sense to have guilds matches where one is in legendary and other still back in gold (which is our current situation).

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