War Posters Bug

This is new. The names of the months on war posters are missing, and have been filled with placeholders.

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Working fine for me I’m afraid.

I have this problem too. I think it might be a glitch?

Odd. Probably a glitch, if I had to guess.

@Warrior_Maui_II This should be fixed in the next game update. It happens when device language is not set to English and game language is switched to English. Only happens on iOS right now.

@Polaris, the scenario you describe may cause the month number text to be displayed, but it is not the only cause. I have never changed my language settings on device or in game and have had the month text change to these monthly numbers.

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My iPhone has never been set to anything other than English, though I have fiddled with the languages of the game before. And I’m using English in-game, obviously.

Hm, ok. Thanks for the info - I’ll be sure the team knows!

Yes, I too have the posters displayed as month1, month2, etc, and have never changed language settings on my iPad, nor the game. Always been English.

It’s been a little while since I pointed this issue out, but I’ve got something new to show. It still isn’t showing the months the way it used to. Is this just how it’s suppose to look now?