Warning this article contains spoilers if you haven’t seen LIGHTYEAR YET DINT LOOK AT THIS

Izzy hawthorne

“I see stars That is space!”

Izzy hawthorne of star command will protect her Friends and creeps will be gone

2 star support


Blue team

Entrance: Izzy Hawthorne walks heroically into battle activating her space helmet.

Victory: Izzy smiles and puts her hand on her chest

Defeat: Izzy falls down and her Hawthorne tag blows off her.

Basic attack: Izzy hawthorne shoots from the arm gun.

White skill stealth mode: passive: Allies that are hidden gain 30% additional attack speed: Izzy activates stealth mode on her suit hiding her and a chosen ally for 6 seconds also healing them for x hp.

Green skill training ammo: Izzy shoots from her training gun removing hidden from all enemies and blinding them for 4 seconds.

The hidden removal and blind has a chance to fail against enemies above level x

Blue skill space will: Once per round whenever Izzy is koed she is revived with 60% max health and a shield with x hp. She also grant all Allies 4 stacks of hardy.

Purple skill Ima space ranger: Whenever Izzy attacks while she is hidden or use her green skill while she is hidden she also deals x additional true damage and inflicts a stack of fatigue

Red skill And beyond: Stealth mode also removes up to 5 debuffs from her and the chosen ally.

Izzy also heals for x hp whenever an enemy is stunned.

Training ammo now knocks back enemies by a little bit and steals up to 2 buffs from each.

The buff steal has a chance to fail against enemies above level x and the debuff removal is less effective against allies above level x.

Gains x hp

X skill power

And x max hp

Friendship skill with scar

Izzy is curious about scar but scar decides to trick her into doing bad things.

Friendship disk kitty badge: Thenshield when she arrives has x more hp

Everyone clap please for the wonderful concept of yesterday.

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