Was Kim worth the wait?

Alright I’ve been thinking: Is Kim truly worth the 15+ months of waiting? Is she strong, balanced, or weak? I think she’s pretty balanced. What are your thoughts on KP?


She was cooked at the perfect temperature for the right amount of time with the right ingredients.


She’s perfect.


I just read a lie, she is weak and definitely was not worth it. But I’m used to being disappointed.



Anyway she’s decent. Not OP but not bad. At least Joy disk is really strong, altough she could use some stat buffs


I say that she is somewhat OK. But I don’t watch Kim Possible, but I see that many was asking for her. So after 2 years+ of waiting, I think it’s worth it. Considering that many were asking for it to the extent that I almost started a protest about it. Oops.

She is trash, it was discovered that even support and control heroes have better damage than her.


@Polaris would we be wrong for wanting a refresh of her very mild skills? In comparison to other new heros like Cheshire, LSB, and Sadness, she does minimal damage. It took me a while to max her and even still she isn’t strong enough to make my main lineup.

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Neither did I :man_facepalming:

But her utilities are good.

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Well, this could take a while like all other heroes.

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I can only agree, I bet PB didn’t refreshed her stats since she was first added to the files, 15 months ago.

Bo’s green skill deals bigger damage than Kim’s, and she is tank.
Comparison to Cheshire is just the biggest joke, he deals the biggest damage in game and he is only control role hero.


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I was thinking exactly the same thing. I would recommend going after better heroes. Her hype seems to have been just a hype. But who knows, maybe a future refresh might help a lot.

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Would be (more than) nice if PB listens to our feedbacks and comments and refresh Kim Possible :slight_smile:

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I agree, i think she deserves a refresh

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