We All Have To Stop The Man Behind The Spamming

This has gone too far.
No more spamming.
We shall all band together.
And stop the forces of spam. Once. And. For All!!


Who’s with me!?

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As quoted by pirates of the Caribbean: at worlds end “never shall we die”


We must stand our ground we will flag, topics will be at risk but we will stop him once and for all


Yes, we shall all try and stop him.

I will make a headquarters for the people who want to stop him.

  • Yes, I want to stop the forces of spam and join the new HQ
  • No. Just, no.

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Well nothing can stop him now. He just spams till the thread is closed and goes to another thread. Just don’t respond to him, just flag or ignore him.


I’m just trying to help…

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Just, let him do what he wants, and we just tremble and shake in fear.
What we used to know as a kind place, is now in the middle of a war.
This crisis will go on, until no fun is left. Nothing. Just, spam after spam.
But, nobody has stuck up to this spammer and said something.
All you did was sit around and do nothing.

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And, I am definitely not done. I will do everything I can to stop this war.
We’re lucky he hasn’t struck his spam hammer yet.
Ugh, there’s no use… I’ll just leave and do other things.
Goodbye to everyone, have fun

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Stop, just stop you are just encouraging him stop before it’s to late you will regret it

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I don’t regret anything.
Now, i’ll be on my way.

Seriously? You’re being so dramatic.

This isn’t a war, there’s just one less-than-intelligent kid on the internet with nothing better to do.

Tomorrow Polaris will IP ban and everything will go back to normal.

In the meantime, a smart forumer will not encourage spammers by responding and making threads like this that only give them more opportunities to flag.

So, please do as Polaris has asked. Flag and do not respond. If you run out of flags, just ignore and someone else will take care of it. Do not repeatedly @ Polaris. They can see the flags.

So just wait a day and ignore! Don’t feed the trolls!


Wow… I feel so discouraged.

Now changing your name for sympathy… that’s what a different spammer did too :man_facepalming:t2:

Just don’t be so dramatic and do as Polaris has instructed!


Ugh… do you not understand.

You should be doing something important instead of arguing with me, a 12 year old, over me trying to do something.

Has anyone tried messaging this person and talked with him face to face?

You say you’re trying to help but all this dramatic nonsense about a “spam” war is not helping.


It’s best to just leave them be.

And I’m not arguing, I’m just telling you Polaris has given us instructions on how to respond and you should follow them.

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We are we are flagging and ignoring, unlike you who is trying to “fight” him in a “war”

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