We need 5 buttons


We need 5 buttons.

Button that will not be able to start battle for 30 seconds after encountering enemies.

The hero who is guarding the treasure can not call.

The only thing that can start battle in the hideout is the host.

A button that knows who started the battle.

A button that allows you to leave yourself if you participate in the guest.

It is important to be able to choose these.

We are being harassed.

They will start combat at once. And they do not call another hero.

Treasures are being deprived.

It may be done in a hideout.

I do not know who to kick.

Please help us.


From the piece that I understand you are talking about blocking a lot of the issues that public heists has. I am sorry to break it but thats just the way it is and I really dont think per blue will change anything, the mode is complicated as is.
On the issue part, the best way to fix it is to look for an active guild and do heists with them

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I think it is one good idea.

However, I think that it is better for HEIST to become content that many people can easily feel free to play.

Playing with only certain friends will shrink the community and invite the decline of the game.
Those who can not find an active guild will be truncated.
Ultimately you say “If you do not like that much, you should not do this game.”
Many players will leave this game when hearing the words.
I do not want the decline of this game.

Let’s solve the problem.
Fortunately, we have a lot of excellent brains, you guys.
I would like to have a discussion to solve the problem.

Certainly the complexity of the system is contrary to casual play.
Therefore, this function is selective, and the default setting is off.
At first, people will enjoy HEIST as before without concern for the switch.
And when they encounter problems and start searching for a solution, they will notice this switch and will understand the meaning of this switch.
You do not need to notice this switch unless a problem occurs.

I am grateful that you have submitted your opinion.

For our glorious future.
From 13 server with love.






I agree in that it should be content for everyone to play, but the mode itself is hard to balance and it will take a lot of time before any changes are made.
Several good ideas have been submitted and still no change, which means per blue’s attention is somewhere else.
This however makes me curious, perhaps I would like to see a poll to see the popularity of the mode, it hasnt been updated in a while, and I am curious to see how popular the mode is.

  • Play active heist
  • Have a bizillion heist tickets sitting around

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Well I mean, i dont play much but I do not have that many heist tickets…

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I would rather have a kick out AFK player(s) button.


Also really need a way to block players so they can’t join if they are players who join just for the quest and don’t participate. This is a big problem.

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There is a button for that, but only available for the heist creator.

I’d be happy if they finally fix the insta-theft of diamonds at the start of heists…that’s been a problem for months

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The sooner you start the heist after entering the lobby, the less of a chance that the thief will steal a gem before you can get there.

LOL…I like how the thief is out there working before players can get organized

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