We need more places to get stamina!

Where have booster crates gone? I haven’t seen them for months, you just keep pushing hero chip crates and/or the new colour team crates that are basically just diamonds crates split up into teams. Also there don’t seem to be any stamina deals popping up recently. And deals in general have been getting worse by the week and more expensive. What is happening atmo? We need more option to get stamina, let’s see booster crates back and why not have stamina in one of the shops to purchase with tokens maybe?


Hero chip crate again today sigh come on now change it up a little please.

I was going to post something similar, i’m tired of hero chip, memory and gonzo crates, there’s no chance to catch up without stamina


Pushing hero’s way too much.

Halloween special deal 99.99 hahahaha trick or treat yes that’s definitely a trick!! Come on be reasonable give us some decent offers what’s happened recently.

Yeah I have been playing almost daily for a year and can not catch up to most player due to lack of stamina. I can’t afford to pay for items! Maybe we should have extra perks for daily log ins or etc!!!

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@Polaris please could we get a look into this? There is barely any ways to gain stamina. I know you need to make money etc but the game is almost impossible as f2p and that’s not right.

Hero chip crate again today why? Where are booster crates

Beast crates again.

Hero chip crate today this is beyond a joke now change it up.

Beast crates again!! Why are the same crates on repeat

Hero chip crates again

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