We Need Multiple Raid All Feature

@Samm Have you thought about QoL of collecting hero chips?

It takes so much time to raid all the elite campaigns that correspond to the hero chips I want to collect, especially if I repeat reset and raid in a double drop day.

It would be really helpful if there is an advanced “raid all” feature where I can select multiple heroes I want to collect chips and raid their elite campaign all at once with a single tap just like we can promote a hero to Emerald without raiding for each badge.

Thank you in advance!


I’ll pass it along as a suggestion!


That would be a great change if added! It should remember the heroes you raided last just like City Watch. This would solve all the double elite drops and elite resets sitting in my inventory that I can’t realistically use due to the time they consume.

I’m completely running out of Red skill chips for many of my heroes.

@Samm @TheGrillFather At this point I would DIE for a simple “Raid All Heroes” button that does all of them, no interface. I don’t want to pick anymore… It would cost mere 40-50k stamina to raid all 212 heroes and I’m sitting with millions in the bank trying to figure out how to spend it with macros.

Most times players quit because the game becomes a chore. And farming red skill chips is a nightmare chore. Please oh god add this button <3


I’ve been thinking about checking for or making a post like this for weeks now. Glad to see I’m not alone.

At the moment Heist and most of the elite campaign raids are the two things I skip because of time commitment for one and tedium of repeated tapping of the same buttons for the other.

Having the ability to raid by hero is nice. Glad we have it. But an option to ‘raid the whole campaign’ or even just a whole chapter would immensely help as a quality of life boost!

Even if it was just chapters that’s 1 / 7th of the time and button pushes for an activity that feels more of a chore than an investment especially now that we get the energy to fully raid it so easily.

Thanks for passing it on and considering this.

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Man, I’ve been mentioning this for a couple years now. Super simple QOL improvement

While we wait for the raid all button, I’ve made a few macros to raid all heroes 1 by 1. You just start it and go drink coffee, its a lifesaver. Hope it helps anyone struggling.

P.s. Set repeats to be higher than your heroes, e.g. 220. Will help with any popup screens.


Bluestacks version:

Notes: It misses several heroes due to raid button moving too much on bluestacks


Android phones version:

Notes: You need to import it in this free app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.truedevelopersstudio.automatictap.autoclicker

Should work out of the box on most phones. If not, correct the positions of the clicks to match your screen.

These are cool, but I think will probably get deleted - while there’s nothing in the TOS specifically against it, it’s always seemed frowned upon to use these kind of tools (albeit they are used by loads of people for Invasion etc)

Probably best shared somewhere ‘unofficial’ :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah, you have a point, but we’re trying to add a QoL with this and make the game more enjoyable. Its similar to how some mods in WoW go too far and get disabled while modding in general is viewed positively.

I would froun on anyone using macros in invasion as they a) can make gold they would otherwise not be able to, b) ruin the fun for everyone else as its competitive mode

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