We need to talk about Arena

I’m on Server 22, Arena level Platinum IV. And I’ve been there for weeks.

It’s impossible to progress. My top five heroes are ~310K power, the Arena ranges from 250K to 350K, and we’re all levelling up at roughly the same rate. Every now and then I hit number 1, then next morning I’m back down to 43rd. There’s just no way anyone can stay in the top 5, so everyone is stuck. We’ll never get to Challengers. Right now I’m not even playing Arena until I get demoted back down to III, just for a change of scenery.

Are your timers not paused when you fall out of the top 5? They should pause rather than counting back up again - it was changed a while ago. If that’s not working, it sounds like a bug

The timers only stopped there where the new challengers are opened. In arena for server 21 the timers can still count backwards if you fall out of the top 5. (It isn’t as dramatic as i read here, mostly from top 5, to somewhere in top 20, for plat IV)

The easy solution would therefore indeed by to stop the counting backwards everywhere, with no regard whether the new challengers opened yett. If they keep it this way, new challengers for Arena might very well never open in s21 (and 22 if i read this)

I thought that Challenger Seasons had been released on all servers for a while now :thinking: :man_shrugging:t2:

It has been released on all servers, but not all servers have enough people in challenger to start a season yet.

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I don’t know, I don’t think so. Like I say, I’m on Arena strike now so I can’t check.

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