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This concept was requested by @Grim_grinning_Ghost, enjoy!

Daisy Duck
:star: Back-line Support
Team: Red

“Oh, goodie!”

Daisy Duck loves dancing and encourages her allies to keep with the beat


Entrance: Dances into position

Victory: Daisy cheers

Defeat: Daisy Duck crosses her arms and stomps her foot


Basic Attack: Throws bows

White Skill: Everybody Conga!


Daisy Duck encourages her allies to dance, increasing her own and ally’s Attack Speed by 50% for 11 seconds. Slowed allies are additionally healed for X.

Green Skill: Dance Routine


At the start of each wave, Daisy Duck does a dance, applying Energized to all allies for 16 seconds and healing them for X HP over 8 seconds.

Blue Skill: One, Two, Three


Each time an ally is slowed, Daisy Duck tells her allies to keep a beat, increasing slowed ally’s Attack and Movement Speed to be equal to the highest Attack and Movement Speed on the field, including enemies.

Daisy Duck can use this skill once every 8 seconds.

This can fail on allies above level X.

Purple Skill: Cha Cha Cha!


For every ally and enemy with increased Attack or Movement Speed, Daisy Duck gains X Basic Damage.

Red Skill: Oh, Puddles


Daisy Duck and allies deal an additional X Damage to disabled enemies. For every disabled enemy, allies have their Attack Speed increased by 10%.

+X Armor
+Y Skill Power
+Z Max HP


Daisy Duck and Donald Duck
Campaign: The Ducks Step Out
Disk: Swan Lake - While Daisy Duck or an ally has their Attack or Movement Speed increased, their Basic Attacks deal X additional Fantastic Damage plus Y Damage per star.
+X Tenacity
Description: Donald takes Daisy on a date
Allies: Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy

Daisy Duck and Disgust
Campaign: Fashionista Face-off
Disk: Trending Tail-feathers - Whenever an enemy is Slowed, nearby enemies are silenced for 4 seconds plus 1 second per star.
+X Max HP
Description: Daisy and Disgust host a fashion show
Allies: Yzma, Miss Piggy, Sally

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Ooo it’s looks very interesting hero character I hope she can be in the game soon :grin:

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